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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Best Ways to Hold Social Media Campaigns

The last one and a half year have been difficult for the most of the businesses. At the same time, the trend of social media have grown like it had been never imagined before. This had made it difficult for the businesses to stay on the top over these channels as they were already struggling with their business operating completely virtually.

It was difficult for most of the small companies to see a clear return on investments when it comes to leveraging social media aggressively in their media marketing activities. The use of social media and the internet increased so steadily that almost 80 per cent of the Australian people came to these platforms and the businesses that failed to make a mark on them lost revenue and growth at a significant level.

To help you out, here are some of the social media metrics to achieve success in your campaigns.

Rate of Engagement

The simplest and the most versatile way to increase the effectiveness of the content is by measuring it through the Engagement Rate (ER). This helps you understand how your content is perceived by your audience.

Engagement rate can be increased easily. Fo9r this, all you need to do is to make posts continuously at similar time of the day. You content must be developed in such a way that it creates engagement with your followers. This can be, asking people to make comments in the comment section or participating in a poll.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate helps you to get a count of the number of times a link has been clicked by the visitors against the total number of impressions. You will also know how useful and relevant your links are to your followers.

Most of the businesses state that email marketing is one of the best ways to get highest engagement from the customers. But the industry experts says that social media engagement activities generate strong CTR. Therefore, it is important you design you develop the social media marketing campaigns keeping your audience in mind. Make it tempting for them to click on the links shared on social media and watch your revenue grow.

Rate of Video Views

The Video View Rate (VVR) is all about the number of people who have viewed your videos over the internet. Video content is becoming highly popular these days. Ways in which you are optimizing your VVR changes also depends on the priorities of the platform on which it is posted.

For instance, videos posted over LinkedIn can be longer in duration and can give valuable business advise. These can be highly relevant to the platform’s intent of business networking. On the other hand, videos posted over Instagram needs to be shorter in duration and must have more appealing visuals. In this way, your videos will attract more people towards your business. The SMB’s can increase the look and feel of their videos by including thumbnails, titles that are catchy, and keywords that are high in demand. These elements will drive the visitors to have a look at the video to the end and also get them to your business website.

Rate of Organic Reach

When the online viewers reach your website without being directed from any other social media channel, website, or an email, this defines your organic reach. This is the best way to evaluate the performance of your content over the internet. This will also give you insights about which tactics are working well and which hashtags can work best for the business success.

Rate of Growth

The growth rate is all about how your metrics are performing in the market. Or in other words, this indicates how well your campaign is preforming on the internet. For the small and medium businesses, a good following on the social media will definitely increase their brand value. Having a consistent presence on the social media platforms will keep you in the eyes of your consumers all the time.

All these metrics and parameters will help you to develop a prominent position in the market.

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