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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Innovative B2B Growth Marketing Strategies in 2021

B2B market is increasingly getting saturated. With the rise of the Internet and globalisation, it is difficult to stand out and provide a unique experience. Almost every niche is saturated, and radical business ideas are hard to come by. Hence, it is difficult to find ways to smarter B2B growth strategies. However, there are certain tricks that businesses could employ to improve their growth by targeting the B2B market. Here are a few such excellent tips.

Save When Buying

Reinvesting the profits generated by your business is the most advisable strategy for small businesses. However, there are other ways to save money. For example, liquidation auctions are great avenues to kill two birds with one stone. When a company is about to close, all of its assets are sold through auctions to settle its bills. More often than not, great office products are available at these auctions at low prices. This makes buying cheap a great strategy for smarter B2B growth. Moreover, the saved money can be reinvested in the business for strengthening the foundation.

However, be wary of such auctions as the products might not be at par with your standards. Additionally, check the local laws before participating and target businesses from within your industry.


Talking about a smarter B2B growth strategy, the use of PunchOut is the best way to improve your purchasing results. PunchOut is an e-commerce app that allows corporates to purchase supplies from the suppliers’ e-commerce websites without leaving its interface. E-commerce is a rapidly growing niche for consumer retail products. However, the B2B e-commerce market is yet to grow. PuchOut skillfully fills the gaps.

In other words, PunchOut is a touchpoint of a seller’s e-commerce website that the buyer’s online procurement channels can access. As a result, the buyer does not have to leave their online portals to buy any of the business supplies. CXML is used to communicate with the purchasing system. It is a straightforward way to accelerate and improve your business’ growth and sales.

Improvised FAQ for the Buyers

As stated earlier, B2B buying and selling procedures are worlds apart from B2C trades. B2B buyers are more informed and cautious about their approaches and deals. They tend to scrutinise the product and the procurement procedure. The lack of transparency or difficulty in procuring information is regarded as a red flag in the business world. Such a scenario will immediately make the customer want to drop the sale.

Hence, a smarter method for B2B growth would be to provide the necessary information in the form of a FAQ that the customer can easily access. The FAQ should be comprehensive and should include features such as the product’s characteristics, specifications, requirements, and so on. Generating and maintaining a buyer forum for answering the buyer’s questions is also a great initiative. An FAQ section will not only create a better user experience but also improve your SEO rating and conversion rates.

Creating a Better B2B Environment

As stated earlier, the B2B e-commerce market is not yet fully developed and is not comparable to the B2C market. So, improving the B2B market will indefinitely improve sales and revenue.

The current market is increasingly being saturated by millennials. Therefore, it is imperative for success to meet the demands of this young demographic. Millennials are highly technologically savvy and prefer sales and deals over the Internet. B2C buying and selling can be completed entirely online. Likewise, completely digitising your B2B sales will help you appeal to this segment.


Personalisation is one of the most reiterated ways to improve B2B growth. The numerous benefits of personalising your product and generating a stronger bond with your customer are the primary reason for its success as a growth strategy. In addition, offering tailored experiences to your loyal patrons is a sure way to increase brand credibility and trust.

Additionally, it also aids in gaining insights into the customer expectations and needs. It is human nature to feel wanted and desired. So, make your customers feel that they are wanted. Going beyond the conventional B2B services and providing a unique experience to your clients will improve your customer experience and, ultimately, your sales and revenue figures.

Recognising that the B2B market is still in its infancy compared to the B2C market is essential for planning your next marketing strategies. Use these excellent B2B marketing growth strategies in 2021 to solidify and establish your presence in the B2B dimension.

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