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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Product Review – SendOut

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Are you a blogger or is your business maintaining a blog? Then you must be worried about handling your subscribers and your e-mail marketing. Your toil for a world-class email marketing tool has come to an end. SendOut is an email marketing platform that is specially designed for bloggers, influencers, and online creators. With its supernatural features such as simple interface and unlimited emails, the users can build and engage with their audience. The users can easily and precisely control the emails leading to increased sales and conversions. All these features come within a very affordable and cheap price range.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing of the product depends on the number of subscribers. It offers an unlimited feature for all the pricing editions.

Number of Subscribers Price
Up to 500 subscribers $11 per month
Up to 1,000 subscribers $24 per month
Up to 3,000 subscribers $39 per month
Up to 5,000 subscribers $55 per month
Up to 8,000 subscribers $89 per month
Up to 10,000 subscribers $109 per month
Up to 15,000 subscribers $139 per month
Up to 20,000 subscribers $169 per month
Up to 25,000 subscribers $189 per month
Up to 35,000 subscribers $249 per month
Up to 45,000 subscribers $309 per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard: The dashboard shows all the details regarding subscribers and email activity. The users can view the performance of the form and the subscriber statistics.

Forms: The users can create new subscriber forms by selecting from a list of available forms. The forms can have animations such as a lightbox, slide in, inline and floating.

Campaigns: Users can create campaigns for subscribers. These can be RSS triggered or drip campaigns.

Subscribers: The tool allows users to add as many subscribers as needed. The users can also import a bulk number of subscribers by uploading a CSV file.

Segment and Tags: For users who need new segments or tag, the tool provides a simple option to add tags or segments as required. The corresponding statistics on subscribers, open rate, click rate, confirmation, and unsubscriptions.

Broadcasts: Sending out broadcasts haven’t been easier. SendOut allows you to create broadcast messages in a go and send them to as many subscribers as needed.

Automation: The tool gives amazing automation features to the users to automate regular tasks. The users can either create an event or a trigger.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available as a web-based tool and is not available as a mobile application.


The tool integrates with WordPress. Through the integration, the users can also add forms into the web page.


The tool provides support with the help of documents and instant chat. The help documents include FAQ, how to start and help regarding integration.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy interface.
  • Easy to import subscribers.
  • The availability of automation makes the tool more useful.


  • Sending out emails is not possible unless the account is verified by the team. Hence, it is not useful for fresher’s who immediately want to send emails after registration.


The SendOut tool provides broadcasts, campaigns, and automation all under one roof which makes it the highlight among other tools.

For more details, please visit: SendOut Website

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