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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Yet Analytics: Journey of Estuary to Big Data Gaint

Big Data is the next big thing that can completely transform the future of business world. Yet Analytics, a budding startup, implements this big technology to kick-start their unique business idea. They have set a startup on this mind-numbing idea of collaborating learning with technology using Big Data. Sounds Complicated, isn’t it? Well, it is beyond complicated, but its founders were determined to make the impossible possible and they proved their point. They were able to create a technology platform that could analyze the talent of an organization’s human capital and helped businesses with human resource management.


The founding members of Yet Analytics initiated their journey as a small company which they called an Estuary. The name was selected to define its unique business goal of collaborating education with technology. Its founding members involved three educators and one software developer. The company worked to deliver educational content and software to many educators in various states. During this time the team members discovered various blockages in their development path in the term of technological limitations. To transcend such obstructions, the company planned for a big data solution that could restructure the learning system and make it more interactive.

Data and Talent Management

Big data as the name suggests is a technique to manage bulky data. The Yet Analytics began using this technology to analyze the bulky organizational data and to fetch relevant employee information from it to gain deep knowledge about employee capabilities. Yet Analytics used this information for curating interactive learning and training programs for employees to polish their skills which in turn will increase their productivity. The success of the company lies in the implementation of the advanced API which was developed at the U.S. Defense Department. Using this technology the company designed and develops a system that delivers a future learning experience using virtual and segment reality. The use of extensive API and the unique idea implementation earned the company huge funds and prosperity.

Fund Raising

Money poured in when the organization put forward the idea of managing organizational talent using big data analysis. The company raised a huge fund of $1.3 million in seed funding led by the Cockeysville-based firm Panther Angels, Baltimore Angles and Dingman Angeles. This huge fund helped the organization in the recruiting process and in the execution of big-data analysis services. The focused brain and the determined efforts of the Yet Analytics team helped them to climb the ladder of success.


The story of Yet Analytics states the fact that “There is no shortcut to success.” It requires a lot of hard work and sleepless efforts to grow big. The efforts and sweat of the Yet Analytics team paid off and they achieved name and fame in one stroke because of their dedicated intentions. Thus, we should look up to this team and work hard to achieve success.

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