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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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TV Ad Campaigns…Now in Startup Budget

Everyone knows the best way to reach a mass audience is through “TELEVISION.” It is the only electronic media which has the greatest coverage area. The influence it has on the audience is unprecedented. This is the reason that every startup wishes to go live on National TV to promote their product. However, most of the startups, don’t possess heavy pockets to afford Television commercials. Well, obviously TV Ads are expensive, but, if a startup thinks wisely and follows an organized approach these extravagant TV Ads can fall into their budget. To help startups guide through this organized promotion on TV listed below are the few steps.

#1. Strategizing TV Ad

Startups do not usually have a huge capital to invest in TV Ads. They prefer using the digital market to showcase their product, as it is comparatively cheap and generate desirable ROI. However, when all the online marketing solutions get exhausted, offline marketing remains the only option. This is the perfect time for the startups to enter into the TV Ads because it has a widespread reach and promotes your startup nationwide. However, care must be taken to ensure that your website and applications are ready to bear the load of increased traffic. So strategize your TV Ads smartly to generate huge profits.

#2. Local Beginning

TV shows many Ads of online stores, cafes, and grocery shops, etc. which have their outlets only in a few metro cities. These Ads cost a fortune for being on national TV but have limited ROI because only limited people have access to the services. Thus, it is advisable to launch a local TV Ad campaign if the startup is not panned India. A local TV Ad airing in a particular city caters to the interest of people residing there and saves the money of Startups. A nationwide Ad campaign costs approximately INR 70- Lakhs to INR 1 crore, while a local Ad Campaign only costs INR 20 lakhs. So, if your startup has a limited budget, plan your Local Ad before entering national.

#3. Tracking TV Performance

Apart from the expenses of the TV commercial, another thing that restricts the startups from this mode of offline marketing is the lack of tracking. The online marketing strategy can be easily tracked and a performance-driven approach can get implemented accordingly. However, startups can implement the same performance tracking for TV ads as well. Many tools are available which helps in tracking the performance of TV commercials. So startups must begin using them to align themselves with the performance of TV marketing.

The Bottom Line

The fancy TV ads can easily fit into the limited budget plan of any startup if it is being strategized intelligently. Proper planning and the right platform for the launch are the key elements for the success of offline marketing. So every startup can get into TV without burning a hole in their pocket with proper planning and wise decisions.

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