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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Teambition

project-management-tools-product-review-teambitionYou can see Top 10 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Teambition brings a complete solution for organizations collaborate and manage projects in ana easy and efficient way. The task is to create a new product, a text ad or plan a wedding; anything can be done on teambition by just creating a project. Teambition provides options like administrative tasks, scheduling tasks and file management options. The tool also provides real-time group chat. It can be used anywhere on any device. Handle big projects by break tasks into sub-tasks in Teambition. It is a complete project management tool that eases project management and increases management efficiency.

Editions and Pricing

The product has four editions. Each edition provides features based on the pricing.

Editions Pricing Business Type Features
Free $0 Individuals and microbusiness
  • Up to 10 members in each project.
  • Tasks, documents, schedules, and sharing.
  • Markdown, an Extension.
  • Individual files up to 200 MB are supported.
Pro $255 per year Small Business Free +

  • Up to 10 members in each project.
  • Unlimited file content.
  • Supports Individual files up to 1 GB .
  • Access to all Power-ups.
  • Add administrator profile under permissions settings.
Enterprise $43 per person per year Teams and organizations of all size Pro +

  • Every right to the project is owned by the organization.
  • Business organization management.
  • Deployment of customized authorities and roles.
  • Organization dashboard.
  • Automated business reports.
  • Exclusive business consulting.
Custom Contact Team Complete collaboration solution for any organization Enterprise +

  • Supports Private deployment.
  • Customized Applications and Extensions is supported.
  • Supports API of the tool.
  • Interaction of all sorts of business systems.
  • Exclusive technical consulting service.
  • Senior exclusive business consulting.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_teambition_task_managementTask Management
The users can manage their task and each the level. The users can add the levels through which the task can pass or use the default levels. You can easily move the task from one level to other by just dragging and dropping it.



The tool allows the users to post any news or information, which will be displayed to the followers. It allows the users to share knowledge or communicate ideas and can be traced easily.



product_review_teambition_file_managementFile Management
The users can manage the files easily by creating folders for each type of file. The users can also create sub-folders to organize the files much better. The tool provides unlimited cloud file storage and provides a preview of file formats like image, doc, xlsx, mp4, PDF and many other popular file formats. A user can also see the versions of files through the tool.


Every user can view his or her agenda without any confusion. All the tasks and meetings will be listed on the agenda so that the users stay on track during the entire project.



The tool provides the users the facility to schedule meeting at any time. The users can also include projects or people they want to follow by clicking the follow button.



Mobile Accessibility

The product is available for mobile users also. The product is available for both Apple users (iOS platform) and Android users. Additionally, the users can also download the product by scanning the given QR code.


The tool allows integration with third party applications like Github, NetEase Enterprise Mail, Evernote, Evernote International, Xiaomi, Weibo, WeChat, DingTalk, ProcessOn, and Jinshuju.


The team offers support by various means. The users can indulge in a live chat to get instant support. The users can view tutorials, online courses, send a support message, view FAQ’s, and read the blog. They can also contact the support team through mail or phone.

Pros and Cons of teambition


  • The tool is available in two languages: English and Chinese
  • Easy to collaborate and work on projects.
  • Easy to view the reports and add new members.


  • Most of the support like FAQ and tutorials are in Chinese.


Teambition is an all-in-one solution, which tries to bring together operations like task management, file sync, notes, calendar and now group chat in one tool in such a way that even a non-technical person finds the tool simple.

For more details, please visit Teambition website.

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