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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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10 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017

10-best-new-social-media-tools-to-try-in-2017With the popularity of social media engagement, businesses are making their presence on these channels. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other platforms are now supporting businesses engagement with customers. With the increase in the the use of social platforms, it became difficult for enterprises to manage their social media accounts. And this led to the emergence of tools that could manage these accounts.

Here we will introduce you to some amazing social media tools that are grabbing attention for the year 2017.

Product Details
quuu Quuu connects with your Buffer account and shares hand-curated content into your Buffer queue what your own chosen frequency. You can also go into Buffer to manually edit the suggestions if you wish to. The product is free or charges $10 per month and is best suited for content curation.
panda Panda5 is a smart news reader, powered by integrations. It is the fifth iteration of the popular news-reading application. Panda5 connects with your Twitter account and recommends a list of feeds that you can follow based on whom you are following on Twitter. One amazing thing about this tool is, that it comes with integrated feeds from several popular sites for both media collections and blogs. The tool is free or costs $4.99 per month and is best for content curation.
zest Zest is Chrome Extension that helps you to discover marketing articles that you have always been looking for. All these articles are curated by the marketing community and are manually approved. To use this, you simply need to add Chrome Extensions, this will provide you with the latest curated articles every time you open a new tab.
yotpo Starting with $299 onwards, Yotpo is helpful for content curation for Instagram. This helps you connect to the best user generated content pulling out their best use really easy. You can also promote your curated photos on your business website, your social profile, or use the Yotpo ads to show how customers are using your products.
refind Refind is an amazing curation tool helps you re-discover the links you saved previously in times of need. You can also discover links that your friends have saved you prefer doing that. You can save the links by simply clicking on the extension button.
adobespark Create content the way you like it. Adobe Spark helps you to create beautiful graphics, animated videos, and web stories in just a few minutes. It works as a browser editor with options to change the color palette, theme, text, background, etc. The amazing tool also provides you with some pre-defined templates o that you do not always have to start over from scratch.
roketium Rocketium tool is into transforming text and media into stunning videos. Available in editions starting from free, $10 and $25. The tool is all about creating short videos with overlaid text using some simple steps. The most amazing thing about this is, it can publish them in different aspect ratios.
pixabay Pixabay 2.0 makes finding photos and videos free for you. The toll has a huge collection of about 7,90,000 free pictures, vectors, illustrations and videos that you can use.
gifs gifs will help you create gif images for your browser. You can start with the gifs by simply copying and pasting the URL, the browser editor then gives you options for making changes in them and editing it make it the way you want to.
clandarx CalandarX As the name suggests, this is the calendar that your followers follow. Once they start following it, you can place important events into their calendar. This tool works quite similar to all other calendars- events that you push are visible to your followers


These amazing tools can help you improve your social performance making it more engaging. It is also quite a fact that the more people will engage, the more it is good for the business.

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