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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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10 HR Trends That Will Amplify In 2017

10-hr-trends-that-will-amplify-in-2017The workplace, HR, and employee management will move towards an emerging direction in 2017. Technology is the major driver of the business have set new approaches. Similarly, human resources, companies find flexible methods to meet with the desired technical solutions. We have brought you the top 10 trends regarding HR and workplace that will take place in 2017.

Validating the Psychometrics Dependency

The psychometric test regarding a candidate has grown for personal assessment. However, calculating ROI on psychometrics has become the new trend.

Now organizations are involving manager feedback and performance rating to examine the psychometrics usage regarding the hiring candidates. A case study showed 70% match between psychometric assessment and managers’ feedbacks.

Measurement of Customer-Centric Employee Behavior

Customers’ happiness very much depends on employee behavior and support. The product and process will not work until the people contribute to delivering them. Companies have realized it and they will make considerable effects in measuring the employee behavior towards customers. This way can lead to satisfied hence, happy customers.

Talent Retention Through Success Profiling

Organizations are implementing success profiling that is filtering the top talent using psychometrics. These top employees make talent retention for the company, which are used to hire new talents. This chaining mechanism has defined 10% increase in the retention and it will continue sharing a considerable focus in 2017.

Increase of Blended Workforce

Remote technology has provided new and flexible ways of work. Freelancing has risen with participating equally to other business resources. 2017 seems the year that will experience such blended organizational inputs on a greater scale with more flexible teaming. Global boundaries will no more a hurdle in collaborating with the right talent.

Revolving the Feedback cycle

Reviews will become the new medium to sustain the comfortable surroundings incorporate. Not the annual performance reviews but the regular one will help to establish better productivity along with meeting changing business demands.

Time for Augmented and Virtual Reality Training

The ultimate immersive experience of VR technology will mold the traditional approaches in the hiring process. With augmented and VR platforms, job seekers will be able to reduce the experience gap through efficient employee training. This less expensive method can prove as a more engaging solution for enterprises.

Focus on the Organizational Culture

People are now more focus on the work culture and it applies to the companies as well. Talent requirement is not a critical concept and thus, companies will start establishing a stable and engaging culture. It involves wellness programs resulting in less stress and happy environment. Also, companies are shifting towards casual office attire and culture.

Team Performance Than Individual Caliber

One of the fascinating trends will be the focus on teamwork. HR criteria will shift on a large picture to collaborate with the changing needs. Irrespective of the politics, industry, or employee situation, a team approach will be treated as the key measure for meeting organizational goals.

New Expanded View for HR Role

The working scope and potential powers of HR have seen a decline, which has started taking new routes and considerations in the business. Besides the traditional functions, HR will also perform flexible work that will run parallel to business strategies. Businesses are starting considering them as a thought leadership partner. These forward thinkers will make a happy and exciting work environment.

Adoption of New Tools Regarding Data Ownership

More discussions regarding privacy and data ownership will take place in 2017. Companies will capture more data of their employees, people analytics will be improved, and eventually, new tools will be designed to tackle all these activities. Moreover, organizations will leverage tools and services that make efforts to understand the customers’ habits and interest.

The Bottom Line

With the changing year, new technology will be introduced that will start working from enterprises. As HR being the functional medium, their job will acquire new trends running in the workplace.

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