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Friday , May 24 2024

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Marketing Management Made Simple

marketing-management-made-simpleEvery firm runs marketing campaigns; some meet expectations of the audience while others find it difficult to receiving a good response. If you are able to measure the response or success of any marketing campaign by your firm, you are good to go for the next strategic success.

A company is dedicated to such activities named as Simple. The platform allows one to run and measure campaigns’ success. Briefly, a marketing team can plan, produce, and implement campaigns on the cloud-based platform of Simple. The plus point is that it measures the return on investment regarding the campaigns and offers their analytics. The four years old, Simple have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and headquarters in Brisbane. A small team also works for it in San Francisco.

Funds Status

The Australian tech startup has recently made a significant investment of $10 million. The investors’ list includes Perle Ventures and US fund SparkLabs Global Ventures. Perle Ventures impressed by the firm that has a unique value in the market. Perle’s director believes Simple to be the standard operating tool for the customer experience in digital enterprise.

After funding, the primary focus of the company is to further product development. The firm has large product development and engineering team that works with all resources to furnish a successful product for the software firm. The revenue figures and valuation are not disclosed; however, it has reached double its size in 2016 financial year.

Besides, some of the well-known clients of Simple are AGL, Tabcorp, Westpac, accounting software company Xero, and Commonwealth Bank.

Market Competition

As per the competitive view, many companies are serving marketing management platform including Hive9 and Live. The other larger companies like Salesforce also offers marketing. The formal general manager at APN News and Media of ad services, James Charlesworth is the chief executive of Simple and believes in the unique market value of the company. Mr. Charlesworth shares that there are competitors having deep knowledge relevant to the sector. He also believes that marketing teams have experienced a significant increase from last 5 years, almost 10 times. Thus, business on own by the customer is critical as well as complex, which seems as a great opportunity for Simple’s platform.

The Bottom Line

So far, Simple has acquired $13 million. Moreover, further down the track, the company is planning to expand internationally with the operations. There are average 17 per marketing management resources for the ever-growing marketing tools. The marketing opportunities are immense for Simple.

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