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Monday , January 24 2022

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Semafone leading IT security


Business transactions over phone has become very common since everybody nowadays carries mobile phone in his pocket. Who doesn’t looks forward to easy accessibility and quick service? But many fraudulent activities have occurred ever since this became a trend and uncountable malicious acts have been registered. Nobody will look forward …

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SiQueries: Decisions made to ease decision making

SiQueries- Decisions-made-to-ease-decision-making

SiQueries is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) data analysis and visualization firm founded in 2013 in Cameroon. SiQueries provides a platform for small and medium businesses for the business intelligence solutions. The products of SiQueries collect data and produce helpful information for critical business decisions. The function of this BI tool is …

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Zirtual- The story of virtual assistants


Zirtual is a concept about a team of certified and capable professionals that assist clients by doing their assigned task virtually; the concept was primarily founded by the platform. helps startups get customers, press, mentors, and funding. Zirtual offers virtual assistants (VA) to the clients to perform the …

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