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Friday , November 22 2019

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ABEC Promoters Acquires Marketplace in Delhi, PosterGully


PosterGully is a potential fast growing e-commerce space in the country. It has recently gone under the hands of Sumit Gandhi and Manish Gandhi. The two personalities are the promoters of Asian Business Exhibitions and Conferences (ABEC). Acquisition amount of PosterGully is not known to the world yet. In association to …

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The Growth Story of Carsnip


Carsnip is a revolutionary car search engine founded by Alastair Campbell. The motive behind developing such a project was to reducing the cost of motoring for everyone- buyers and sellers. Carsnip is a platform that is wilful to pass customers to dealers directly, rather than to keep them on site. …

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When You Move- Empowering Legal Property Transfers


When you Move is a modern property law firm which is tailored to deliver exceptional client service. It uses a proprietary CRM/case management platform alongside a consumer-facing mobile app for continuing transparency throughout the property transaction. The company was co-founded and is operated under co-founders Peter Goodman and Simon. They …

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Lessons To Be Learned from TalentPad


TalentPad was a project that intended to target the White-collar private sector permanent job market in India. Out of the total working population in the country, which is, around 600mn, this team focused only 1% of that. Rest of the workforce in India is either Blue or Grey collar workers. …

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