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Monday , June 24 2024

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Story Behind Clusterzap

story-behind-clusterzapSocial media has indeed become the engagement platform for the customers and for the businesses to flourish their reach. The internet population has been growing ever since, and activities have been taking advantages of this by driving with customers through social platforms.

One of the co-founders of Clusterzap, Manjunath G N, have been working as marketing professionals for many years. And through his experience, he learned that many of the executives who have been working on this profile spent a lot amount of time in execution, rather than delivering useful results. Therefore, he came up with an idea of an application where content updates can be done on the go. And this laid the seeds to Clusterzap in the year 2013.


Clusterzap is a marketing automation platform that that helps companies streamline their marketing activities. They build web portals, conduct campaigns, user experience, demand generation, improve sales and measure RoI on the go. The application is based on the SaaS model, where the customers pay in advance to subscribe to the Clusterzap platform and have billed annually.

The company currently have 60 customers including small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) and large corporates across manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce, consumer products and entertainment. The application is an automatic content management system that assists firms in the content management tasks and conducting campaigns on the go.

The application uses Programmatic CMS that helps users create web portals, promotional micro-sites, landing pages, web analytics, etc. The Clusterzap solution comes with a central task repository, digital asset manager, reporting as well as user management access and work collaboration, which helps manage all campaigns with proper workflow.

Talking about the technical upfront, the application has a deep drive into web analytics, social media analysis, email analysis, attribution reports and competitor analytics. The application can be used to gather data, understand consumer behavior, their engagement, and experience.

Moving Ahead

The company has been bootstrapped so far, with a seed amount of Rs. 10 lakh, the Bengaluru-based startup has 15 employees and ten channel partners across metros such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Delhi. Also, they gladly state that two new investors have expressed interest for investment in Clusterzap.

The Bottom Line

The highly motivated team of Clusterzap is looking forward to focusing on utilizing potential SAARC, Asia Pacific regions and also covering more of Indian cities. They also look forward to targeting the US market. The team is planning to  work closely with the clients to better understand their expectations and deliverables.

The application is expecting to hit monthly sales of $100,000 by the month of July 2016 and is putting efforts to touch a revenue of $7.5-10 million by the next fiscal year.

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