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Friday , April 12 2024

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Productboard Bridging The Technology Gap

Productboard-Bridging-The-Technology-GapProductboard is a project management system that helps to organize tasks for your organization. The product has successfully raised an amount of $1.3 million in seed funding on its business timeline. This seed funding round was co-led by Index Ventures and Credo Ventures including participation from Spread Capital.

Following its beta testing, the service only officially launched in September 2016. Gaining appreciation in its beta version, the tool now is working for about 150 paid customers. This number is expected to rise for sure.

All about Productboard

The tool will offer a better way to aggregate and organize feedback requests. Other similar applications can also be used for some channels. These can be customer support tickets, inputs from internal teams, emails, direct user research methods, and much more. These data then connected and incorporated to the features to meet the customer needs.

Productboard also integrates with other platforms too for a business that collects feedbacks from channels including Intercom and Zendesk. The also includes Chrome extension to grab snippets from the internet. The tool also can pull data from a broader set of third party apps.

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In the more general sense, the product is meant to upgrade a process that is often done manually across organizations with more generalized tools such as spreadsheets, note taking apps, and wikis to help make feedbacks and to update plans. Productboard also added a new feature of its own- a built in contributor role through which product managers can invite others in the organization to give their feedbacks and collaborate over feature ideas within its app.

The Productboard CEO Hubert Palan says that by allowing contributors to share their ideas and requests, it removes the product managers as the bottleneck of the ideas management helping the product teams harness more inputs for feature prioritization.

The Pricing Plans

Productboard charges $24 per month, and then it costs $99 per month for the “startup” plan. If you are a larger company and want something bigger than this, the team offers you a customized plan.

The tool works on the concept that to make a product or a project successful, and it is better than the product teams always make a roadmap based on the needs of a customer. Sometimes this can be a bit challenging due to the lack of centralized tools. The teams do not sometimes understand what their customers want. In such cases, they end up struggling with priorities. Productboard, in such situations, helps teams to make their product development process more streamlined and customer oriented.

The Future Plans

The company plans to use the new funds to add new capabilities to its current product validating its customer acquisition strategy. The company raised an amount of $1.7 million until October 2016 and is expecting to gain new heights in the coming future.

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