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Top 10 Gmail Plugins All Marketing Professionals Should Consider

10-Gmail-Plugins-All-Marketing-Professionals-Should-ConsiderGmail is the most popular platform regarding email services. Its inbuilt features and expandable supports are the keys, which make its powerful existence and full use. Specifically, business leverage the platform for establishing a reliable connection for the target audience. To make it more usable and flexible, there are some important Gmail plugins for boosting your business.

Product Details
yetanothermailmerge For those who often use the traditional time-consuming mail merging, Yet Another Mail Merge is a perfect alternative for them. This Gmail plugin takes a few seconds allowing a user to insert relevant information from the spreadsheet. At the time of sending, your email message in the form of the draft will get merged with the information.
 rapportive Acquired by LinkedIn, Rapportive plugin is useful in bringing the LinkedIn profiles to the Gmail. It provides you the essential information regarding your contacts to establish a better connection. Also, due to the access of LinkedIn along with the inbox on the same platform, it saves a lot of time.
 boomerang Boomerang plugin allows the user to schedule marketing emails for sending them later. Besides, the users can leverage its reminder feature so that they can follow up with the concerned person on time. It is an easy-to-use tool that provides other vital features like disappearing an email for later view, link outreach campaign, and others.
wisestamp An email signature is another important asset for your identification through the emails you send. Wisestamp plugin can help you create a customized signature for reliable communication. The tool offers unlimited options for signature creation from the inclusion of pictures, phone numbers, links to social profiles, to message content. People will now feel more confident towards your messages and will connect more.
 bananatag Bananatag is an email tracking plugin for Gmail users. If you seek to find your email’s open rate over time, go for this plugin. It provides valuable insights to you regarding the recipients’ response, using which the marketing professional can experiment to implement improved email services.
 unroll-me Save your time and efforts from managing email content and let it done by plugin. The tool in a single click can process multiple un-subscription from your inbox. It consolidates the emails into one email per day making its management convenient.
 followup-cc As the name suggests, plugin is useful for following up with the concerned recipient. In case you have not received any revert from the addressee, the plugin will present a new email in the same thread for making you follow up. All you have to do is set a follow-up date while sending an email and it will do remind you for follow up.
 sidekick Developed by HubSpot, Sidekick plugin tracks who and when opened an email from you. Additionally, the Sidekick sidebar pops up on the right side of the screen, which shows relevant information of social media regarding your contacts.
 yesware Yesware plugin offers you a track button that enables the customer activity insights. You will be able to see every function of your recipient after the email sent. The major benefit is you can gain the understanding regarding the acceptable content and subject lines in the message. Moreover, a user can leverage Yesware for creating templates for later use and testing of various subject lines for better results.
 assistant-to plugin can help you in settling on a best suitable time for both you and the other party. With the tool, you can send an email with scheduled time to the concerned business players. However, they can confirm, refuse, or modify the meeting timings. The best part is, it does not support any double booking. It also remembers the preferred locations and availability and supports automatic conversion of time zone.


The discussed Gmail Plugins are handy in making improved marketing desires and outcomes. These Gmail plugins add in the robust, versatile functionality for a professional service. Addition to these, various plugins are available that can fulfill beneficial marketing tasks for your business.

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