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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Top 10 Document Management System

Top-10-Document-Management-SystemManaging documents can be one hectic task for SMB’s since startups have so much going on. It is very essential to have these details categorized for quick access and immediate action. Traditional file storage system is entirely outdated and maintaining a digital repository becomes a cumbersome task once the volumes start growing. What is required is an efficient Document Management System. To figure out a correct system that really suits your business needs, here we are providing a list of top 10 such systems. Follow through, to learn more.

Product Details
Document-management-ProsystemFx On the top of the list stands, ProSystem Fx offering a multitude of features ranging from OCR functions and PDF conversion to records management and API availability. This system also provides efficient collaboration management, remote document access and real time updates to keep you up with your work. It also facilitates multiple channel distribution along with providing integration to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
Document-management-Perceptive-content Perceptive Content system provides a noteworthy document assembly feature that lets the user converge their similar data files and provides an overview of the content to make searching concise and efficient. It functions particularly well with emails so sending and receiving documents becomes very easy directly through this management system. Users can also view feed of all the document activities in case same time multiple user collaborations is carrying on.  It provides a lot more integration facilities than ProSystem Fx, enabling linking with Windows Explorer, WebDAV interface and Web service interface.
Document-management-Worldox Worldox is a comprehensive system that lets you manage the entirety of your documents including voice mails as well. Worldox provides a very important indexing feature called archiving and retention that lets the user segregate the data they have available on files and bring forth only as and when required. Along with the usual integration features it also provides integration with SharePoint.   Free trial for this system is not available.
Document-management-PinPoint The biggest plus point PinPoint has to offer is that it runs regardless of the type of system an organization has deployed as it has a self-hosted system structure. With a cloud based solution backing it, with absolutely no server installation and maintenance required, it becomes a top choice for SMB’s. It also provides several pricing options depending upon the number of employees and some specific features.
Document-management-Dokmee Dokmee is amazingly suitable for SMB’s as it provides five different kind of purchase plans and businesses can go for a free trial as well before making their choice. Though Dokmee does not supports extravagant features like those mentioned in above document management software but it provides decent support and functionalities to cater to the needs of SMB’s for instance simple filing structure, security constraints and mobile accessibility.
Document-management-Filehold FileHold system is apt for Windows user as its interface mimics that of Windows so the user might not be surprised with the familiarity. Each employee has the provision to customize required portions of the system for his ease of use providing it a flexible structure. The biggest plus point is the tool’s collaborative features that does not allow more than one person to update a document at a single moment of time.
Document-management-LogicalDoc LogicalDoc comes embodied in a traditional installation package and as such poses no challenges in installation as many other software of its kind do.  It also provides a high quality searching capacity including full text search. Metadata search is also enabled. It also saves searches for future references saving a lot of time overhead.
Document-management-efilecabinet eFileCabinet allows remote access to your saved data and not just to pieces of it but to the entire system. Its updated mobile app provides all the functionality to the users. It provides stringent document permission functions to control who accesses which part of a document and has what type of rights ensuring security as well as collaboration.
Document-management-agiloft Agiloft is highly preferred for its feature of immediate approval. It has the ability to send and receive quick automatic approvals that a user can approve in a single click to speed up the process. It provides a graphical workflow editor to keep a check on document life cycle and automate the actions need to be taken at every step.
Document-management-alfresco-one Alfresco One system, intense form control tracks who changed which record and when, with full move back to a past rendition if necessary. Overlay property layouts (Aspects) to catch more understanding into every report crosswise over archive sorts. Use stretched out data to drive business forms and empower quick, viable looking.

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