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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top 10 Human Resource Management Tools for 2019

Management of the Human Resources of any organization is a very tedious task. An HR Manager has to perform multiple roles beginning with a Recruitment Manager or an Administrative Coordinator, or a Payroll Manager, and so on. This is why it is very essential to have a very efficient HR Software that helps in saving the time and efforts of the management of any organization. Application of the HR software will automate all the back office tasks, simplifying the wage calculation system, thereby creating a centralized database for all the employees of an organization.

A wide range of different HRM Software is available in the market. Hence business enterprises sometimes find it very difficult to select that one software that is most suitable for their operations.

Below mentioned are some of the top 10 Human Resource Management software that were found to be most prevalent in the year 2019.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the best HR software, which is capable of handling almost everything related to the development and management of human resources. This software is most suitable for small and medium enterprises and is competent enough to carry multiple tasks, including workforce management, welfares management, and attendance tracking.

Gusto HR: A payroll Management System             

Gusto is an HR software specially designed for small and medium sized enterprises. It is a very powerful workforce management tool competent to handle multiple business functionalities, including staff onboarding, time recording, and management of attendance.

Another one of the most efficient HRM software is The tool is created to simplify teamwork, manage workload, and communication. It serves dependable yet straightforward tools that empower the businesses to organize and manage all human resource activities from employment and accommodating the employees to managing them efficiently.

On pay HR Software

Another one of the most potent HRM software that is created to fulfill all the requirements of freelance accountants and other emerging companies is On Pay HR Software. It is specially designed to automate the tax filing process, conduct the payroll calculation, process W- 2 and 1099 forms.

Paycor HCM Tool

Paycor is a very powerful HRM Software that can handle all the major management issues from recruitment management to Human Resource Information System (HRIS). IT comes with a very simple user interface and highly intuitive and adaptable features that can easily be molded with other processes.

Recruiter Box

Recruiter Box is a powerful; tool especially created for recruitment processes. A plethora of renowned companies, including Makita, Wolfram, successfully adopted its technology. It is well equipped with some amazing tools such as employee tracking and management, evaluation of candidates, and planning of the workforce.

Toast Payroll

Another powerful HRM software that is specially designed for the restaurateurs so as to manage their team and enhance their business. It is created to effortlessly sync with the restaurant Point of Sales (POS) and allowing the users to manage their entire life cycle of the employees from a single system. Further, the users can easily automate their labour management system through this software, thereby saving a lot of time that usually gets wasted in the management of employees.


Namely is best suited for a small to mid-sized organization with people ranging from 15 to a few thousand. The tool helps to increase employee engagement. The tool also integrated with applications across different companies.  

Review Snap

Another one of the most efficient HRM tools is the Review Snap that provides a cloud based solution to streamline the evaluation process of any organization. The tool automates the performance management policies of any organization. It also allows the employees to track their performance reviews and accordingly highlight the areas that require instant attention.

Trak Star HRM

Trak Star is another HRM software that serves the most powerful employee management tool to the HR Professionals. It has a very strong performance tracking system that provides valuable insights and analytics required for the systematic planning of the workforce. It allows al the Human Resource professionals to create and enforce the company goals, thereby making it easier to fulfill short term goals in coordination with the long term objectives of the organization.

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