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Top 10 Accounting Tools for Small and Medium Businesses 2019

Accounting is the most prominent part of any business enterprise. It provides all the information required for conducting audits, be it external or internal audit.

Selection of a good accounting software is a very tedious job that requires a lot of research. Accounting tools help business enterprises in making appropriate decisions. A variety of accounting software are being offered in the market these days.

So basically an accounting software is an application software that helps the business enterprises to keep a systematic record of all the accounting operations and accordingly create all the financial documents. Here is a list of top 10 accounts software that would help in simplifying the accounting task of all the small and medium scale enterprises.

Fresh Books

The tool helps in simplifying all the financial tasks of an undertaking. Fresh Books helps in the proper management of regular invoices and frequent payments. It helps the businesses in creating an online payment collection portal through credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay. It also comes with a mobile app, thus making it a completed tool in itself.

Net Suite Enterprise Resource Planning

This ERP software helps small and medium enterprises (SME) to connect their ledgers and other financial tools with E Commerce, sales, and marketing so as to enhance their business. Net Suite comes with a contact manager that allows its users to manage their leads, automate the entire communication channel, and keep a systematic track of all the sales channels.

Tipalti Software

Tipalti is a Cloud based management and payment automation software that helps the business organizations to meet all their deadlines. It helps the businesses in resolving all their payment related problems, including late payment, non compliance of payment, or any other problem raised due to human error.

Free Agent

Free Agent is a cloud-based accounting tool for freelancers, accountants, and small business owners to manage bills, expenses, staff, tax returns, and other accounting related tasks. The tool allows the accountants to formulate repetitive bills that could be automatically directed to customers as a reminder so as to clear their payments.

Zoho Software

Zoho is created to invite, preserve, and please the prospective customers to enhance and develop their business. The fundamental of Zoho software is not just confined to lead and contact management, but it also deals with the proper administration of sales and purchase control.

Sage Business

Sage business is a powerful software that is specially designed as per the budget and requirements of small scale business enterprises. It helps in simplifying and empowering the financial management of any organization by automatizing all the complex financial transactions.

Bench Accounting

Bench Accounting is a web based accounting tool that is specially created for startups and other small and medium sized business enterprises for managing their bookkeeping and accounting functions in an efficient manner. The users can easily upload the receipts and other financial documents through its app version.

Big Time

Another one of the best Accounting tools is Big Time– An all in one accounting tool specially designed for billing, invoicing, and tracing all the expenses and time tracking. It helps in minimizing all the mistakes and errors caused due to manual entry.  Further, this software also helps in streamlining and automatizing the entire billing and invoicing procedure of an organization.

Tradogram Accounting

Another one of the most prevalent accounting tools is Trado gram. This E procurement tool is specially designed to streamline, specifically the purchasing process of any business. It is an inbuilt tool which helps in keeping a close watch on all the spending of the business.

Sign Request

Sign Request is a software that helps in making the work of contract management much more accessible. It also helps in controlling all the contracts and agreements, thereby creating transparency in all the transactions. The best part about this software is that it offers a free trial version to all its prospective customers.

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