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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top HR Tools Product Review – Workplace

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Workplace is Facebook is a type of an inner collaboration platform. Companies pay on a one user standard to establish their own reserved and non-public request of Facebook for their employees. Workplace by Facebook helps you grow your culture of your organization. With the help of this tool, you can connect your teams to your business objectives, standards as well as each other with Workplace’s smart features.

Editions & Pricing

The Workplace tool offers three types of pricing options; Essential, Advanced and Enterprise are the packages. It comes with minimal price range which every person can bare for their own. Detailed pricing and services availability in each package is mentioned or outlined in the below table:

Services Essential Plan

$0 USD (Free Sign-up for all)

Advanced Plan

$4 USD Per person / per month

(30 Days Trial Available for this plan)

Enterprise Plan

$8 USD Per person / per month

(Contact for more)

Best for Individuals and Teams Whole Company Complex and Large Organizations

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Automatic Video Captioning : Video is a powerful medium of communication that many Workplace customers are increasingly taking advantage of, but video content isn’t always convenient or accessible to everyone. Automatic video captioning enables anyone to generate captions for videos on Workplace, making videos accessible to people with hearing impairments and easier to consume anywhere, at any time.

You can add captions with just a couple clicks, edit your captions before publishing or upload your own captions. Currently, video captioning is available for videos uploaded to Workplace with support for live video coming soon!

Custom Badges to Express Unique Company Values  : Custom badges provide a way to recognise employees for their achievements and highlight your unique company values. Plus, to streamline the process of awarding badges, we’ve added the ability to bulk award via file upload.

Alongside custom badges and bulk awarding, we’ve added an on/off toggle for admins to manage each badge. As an admin, you can see all badges in your company by clicking on the Admin Panel in the top left of Workplace and clicking on Badges.

Two-factor Authentication to Protect Your Community : Two-factor authentication has always been available on Workplace as a way to provide extra protection to people’s accounts, but it was previously up to each person to enable it for themselves. We’ve introduced a new feature allowing system admins the ability to enable two-factor authentication for everyone or selected people sets in their community. This feature is being rolled out now and will be available to all Workplaces by mid-December.

Multiple SSO Providers : In the past, the tool used to only support one single sign-on (SSO) provider integration per instance, but now you can integrate your Workplace community with multiple providers for a better authentication experience. This feature has been made available to those on the Enterprise plan only.

Manage Projects in Workplace : Create a closed project group to centralise all your project communications and add your team members and stakeholders. Project groups are typically kept closed so that only relevant people can see posts and contribute. If you’re working with people outside of your organisation, create a multi-company group.

Pin a Post : Write a post that outlines your project goals, available resources, deadlines and any other important project information. Pin this post to the top of the group page so people can refer to it easily. Your pinned post will provide a single source of truth for the project that people can easily reference throughout the project.

External Integrations

Workplace easily connects and integrates with the tools your business uses such as G Suite, Dropbox, Office 365 and much more. These external integrations supports the users to share files to the whole workforce so that everyone is on the same page.

Mobile Accessibility

Workplace can be accessed on any mobile platform or devices. The handy application keeps you connected with your employees and business wherever you are.


  • Call
  • Email
  • Demo
  • Support helpdesk
  • Customer care support

Pros and cons of Workplace by Facebook


  • Work life balance is good with flexible hours
  • Open communication format
  • Extensive benefits and compensation
  • Rewards and incentive programs
  • Availability of training and professional performance development opportunities


  • Small employee strength and you need to play multiple roles
  • Not applicable for large workload

The tool helps to make lives simpler as you can connect with your employees on a single platform. Also, it allows you to connect with above 50 other enterprise tools.

For more details, you can visit the Workplace website.

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