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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Top 10 Writing Tools for Social Media Marketers

top-10-writing-tools-for-social-media-marketersSocial media marketers use many tools for various tasks, but when it comes to creating quality content for social media posts, they choose a time-consuming and non-effective way. The marketers know that the content is capable of driving the traffic and to demonstrate a better appearance over social media. There are several writing tools available that can help you for creating quality and unique content. To make original content, the marketers must avoid mistakes such as spelling errors, grammatical errors and plagiarism. The content should be well-organized for the reason it has to be shared over the social media where a large volume of the audience will access it and will build an image of the brand. This is where a social media marketer’s goal lies.

Several tools can be used for creating content, but some writing tools provide great help to the marketers. Top 10 writing tools for social media marketers are as follows.

Product Details

WriteRack is a tool for Twitter posts that limit your tweets to 140 characters. The tool creates a new tweet for a new paragraph after 130 characters. It also formats the content in a series of a tweet and posts it in the right order.


Slick Write offers a broad range of settings to analyze the content quality. It checks for grammatical errors and highlights long sentences, adverbs, passive voice and wordy phrases. The tool is best suitable for social content.


Help.PlagTracker is a website that provides various services to ensure the originality of the content. The services are to proofread your content and to check it for plagiarism.


Polish My Writing (or after the deadline) is a tool that the controls were writing for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. The tool also offers style suggestion.


Ulysses is a tool to manage a lot of writing. The marketers can use this tool to manage content for different social media networks and Email marketing. The tool can be used for big projects.


Writefull is a handy tool that not only proofreads your content but also identifies incorrect phrases. The tool gives suggestions of exact phrases based on the database. It integrates with Google Apps and MS word.


With Hemingway app, you can analyze the readability of the content. The tool highlights passive voice, adverbs, and complicated sentences with colors. It also provides facilities for formatting the content.


Grammar check is an online tool that primarily monitors the content for grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. The wrong words get underlined with the proper wording for alternatives, suggestions, and explanations.


Spellchecker is a tool for general checking of spelling errors quickly and accurately. The tool is available online with the free thesaurus. You can just copy and paste the content to the spellchecker.


Grammar base is a website where you can upload the file or copy the text to get benefit from the services provided. The services include manual proofreading of the content.


With the help these writing tools, social media marketers can save countless hours. It becomes easy for the marketers to achieve the ultimate goal of conversion by spreading original and unique content over social media.

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