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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Three Email Capture Tools to Grow Your Subscribers

Three-Mail-Capture-Tools-to-Grow-Your-SubscribersBuilding a list of emails as subscribers is the right way to drive more traffic to your website or blog. Let us discover, how? When you have convinced the readers that your content is helpful and engaging, you can keep them in touch by giving subscription through mail registration. Once, people have subscribed to your website or blog; they will be the first ones to read your content.

Thus, building an email list is one of the most effective ways not only to promote content but also to drive sales and grow the business. In this post, we will be sharing some greatest lists to build your list of emails.


The tool is a mail list service that offers many features for free. Using Privy, you can create an email opt-in using different formats such as Banners, Pop-ups, and Embedded. It comes with a dashboard, which is easy to use, consisting of the modern interface, and helps in customizing your form. In case, you want a free account, try using “Exit Intent” feature

Option Forms

The tool is a completely free WordPress Plugin that allows you to create, design and display list of mail subscription on your site. Either you can use the app itself to store subscriber information, or you can easily synchronize it with email services. Well, you do not require understanding a single line of code to use Optin Forms. All that you need do is choose from the five templates, change the font, background, and other settings accordingly.

Moreover, if you do not like the pop-ups that disturb you, then this plugin will remain perfect for you. It is all about a subscription form that requires being filled and nothing else.

SumoMe List Builder

SumoMe has various tools that relate to email marketing. Therefore, if you are searching for the ones that help you to create an opt-in form for the site, then List Builder is an apt tool. When you are to build the list of emails, then the feature will go to display pop-up opt-in form in different ways. You can select the behavior by setting it to a smart or manual. Smart lets the app to decide when it is the time to display pop-up whereas Manual means to be based on your personal choice of pop-up appearance.

Furthermore, there is an option to add specific rules for when and when not to show the pop-up. The great feature of this list builder is the ability to track and display email capture statistics for the last seven days.

Why Is It Important To Develop An Email List?

According to the research, it was found that an email list is significant to increase the number of earnings. No matter, how interesting your web page is or how beautifully drafted content you showcase, the email list is responsible for giving you the profit. Thus, email marketing is also beneficial than any other form. Therefore, you should always concentrate and implement the ways of growing your email list.

How to Develop the Email List?

Concentrate on the entire appearance of your email that how does it look on a desktop, phone or tablet. 89% of people access emails through phone, and so, it is important for mail to look good on a small device too. If building an attractive email seems harsh, there are many email providers. For example, choose from the exciting list of templates that people will want to open when they receive the email.

Also, make sure that your email context is relevant and useful. Otherwise, people will unsubscribe.

The Bottom Line

One should never rest with the specific list of emails when you can always grow using some fantastic tools. When you are into the use of one tool, then keep using it and discover the most of it. You can start with free tools, check the working, and keep testing the performance. There are more tools to benefits; however, it ‘s hard to cover them all in one article. Feel free to put down in a comment which tool you use for email marketing.

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