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Thursday , July 18 2024

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10 Amazing things every Facebook user must Know

10-Amazing-things -every-Facebook-user-must-KnowFacebook has become a place where everyone has an account. Due to its vast popularity and a booming number of users, it has also become one of the most critical areas for businesses to spread its wings. Everyone today does have an account on Facebook but still are unaware of its all features. Here we present ten amazing and exciting things about Facebook that every user must know.

Hiding the Friends List

Some people have a habit of browsing through your friend’s list and messaging them. Well, you can stop people to look into your friend’s list, for this, go to the Friends tab and click on “Edit Privacy.” Now change it to “Only Me.” Now you are the only one that can see your friend’s list.

Make people know how to pronounce your name correctly

If you have a unique name that most people spell or pronounce incorrectly, Facebook lets them know how to do it the right way. For this:

Go To–>  Profile Page –> About You, and click on “Details About You.”

Now go to–> Name Pronunciation and click on “How Do You Say Your Name.”

Disable “Seen” option for Facebook messages

If you are not in the mood to give a reply to your Facebook friends, the Facebook seen option can give to away. Well, you can disable it very easily, for this, you need to download the Facebook Unseen Chrome extension and start using it. If you are a Firefox user, then download “Chat undetected” and make your messages unseen.

Search a post your friend made

If you wish to access a job that your friend made on Facebook, the platform has capabilities to find them easily. You need to type in the name of the friend with the keyword. The search results will immediately bring up the post.

Stop the Auto Playing Feature

If you wish to stop the videos to play automatically in your news feed, there a place to stop it. For this, open the Facebook app –> Settings –> Videos and Photos –> Auto-play. Slide the button to disable smart auto-play and then select the use Wi-Fi only.

Stop receiving Game Requests

Game requests are annoying sometimes. You can stop getting these requests simply. For this, go to More –> Settings –>Notifications–>Mobile Push.

Uncheck the application requests and stop receiving them.

Save a Post

Facebook now allows you to save a post that you can read in the future. Bookmarking soon became possible with Facebook with a simple click. For this, click on the pull-down menu button on the post and select “Save Link.” Now, this post gets listed in the Saved section, and you can read it as you like.

Download Complete Photo Albums

You might like certain photo albums on Facebooks and might want to download them. Now you can download the entire photo album together. For this, download and install FacePAD: The Facebook photo Album Downloader. With this, you can download photo albums your friends made in Groups, about an event, Group Albums or general albums.

Know the exact size of your cover image

The Facebook cover picture size is always a mystery to many people. Well, a picture with dimensions 851 pixels wide and x 315 pixels tall will work perfectly for you.

Disable Chat for some friends

You can turn off chat option for some friends you are uncomfortable to communicate with. For this, open the chat window and click on the options icon. Now click on the advanced settings and turn off chat for only some friends. Here you can add names of people you would like to ignore.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the above-listed options, there are several other areas where you can customize your account settings. These will help you to change the way you wish to use Facebook and enjoy its experience.

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