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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Types Of Social Media Users

10-types-of-social-media-usersSocial media successfully acquired the attention of all the people in the world. It connects everyone in the world via technology. Some use it to communicate with every second person in the list, some like to raise their opinion on a topic, for personal growth with updated information, or other intentions.

Different morals are associated with each person while exploring a social platform. Here, we will discuss various types of personalities based on their social media behavior. Understanding the style of social media users will clear your path on how to approach them with business-relevant opportunities.

The Listener

Similar to those people who listen more and speak or express less, social media listener people prefer not to be visible on it. Even they like the post of other people, it is not important that they actually press the ‘like’ button. They do not prefer to show their views or likes to the rest of Facebook.

The Activist

This type of social media user is the one with an unsettled spirit that raises their voice to reach out to the world. They understand the power of social media and with compassionate execution, they persist the knack of promotion on its platforms.

The Spammer

People that prepare or discover their own cheesy content but consider it as quality content fall in this category. These social media users do not hesitate to send promotional messages directly to their Facebook friends.

The Passionist

Passion seems a significant matter for this type of social media user. They truly make social media world go round with their wonderful breed. Driven by their passion, these users like to devote time to exploring and sharing information worth their passion with other folks.

The Social Butterfly

As per the name suggests this type of user likes to flaunt their popularity on social media. They get tagged with every person they meet in every corner of the world. The wall of their social accounts precisely explains their popularity scale.

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The Troll

These people always seem to exhibit behavior crossing the line from an unpleasant opposition to absolute hate wordings and speech. They lack in understanding the sensitivity and relevance of the issue and make comments with inadequate social behavior. On whole, they are the ones with most block responses.

The Teacher

Similar to the Passionist, this type of social media user prefers to share knowledge with others. They realize and admire the quality content. They love to interact with such an informational piece on an everyday basis. Passionate about their topics, they also spread it helping other people.

The Early Adopter

This special kind of user adopts social media information before others. They are likely to expand their horizon that they are aware of the shiny social widgets, which people might get hear it after a year.

The Black Booker

The use of social media in its most practical way is the priority of these users. Communication with other people run their social media accounts. Before the discovery of cellphone memory, these were used to keep a little black book containing all the phone numbers.

The Family Man

They are not much concerned with technology in the world but are impressed by social media. They fell in love with social platforms as these can connect them with their friends and relatives living anywhere in the world.


Each active user of social media falls into one of the categories. As the social media network and audience is diverse and wide, understanding its types of users can help in identifying the most suitable ways to reach out to them.


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