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Friday , April 19 2024

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The 10 Most Important Metrics You Should be Tracking in Content Marketing

The-10-Most-Important-Metrics-You-Should-be-Tracking-in-Content-MarketingContent marketing is an important and appealing part of business strategy. It is one of the high moves in marketing to gain relevant customer acquisition with quality service.

Content marketing has various methods and for this valuable strategy, the metrics involved are quite more in number that makes it a success.

Following are some of the key metrics you should analyze in Content Marketing:


Social Recognition

Social platforms leave the most considerable impact on the service and therefore, require an extensive attention. For your content to be delivered to relevant recipients, target to track social impact of your marketing and analyze social shares figures to find what your audience likes more and then plan strategically. Get a complete overview of social shares using BuzzSumo.

User Engagement Time

The effectiveness of your content can be tracked by understanding how much engagement it is producing. Most of the marketers are unable to track content engagement; only 30% marketers are actively doing so. With the help of ‘time on page’ of Google Analytics, you can easily track the engagement user. However, it does not track the actively engaged users. For that prefer Java snippets, Riveted and similar engagement measuring tools.

Lead Generating Details

Leads are the primary part to run your business. It is vital to note that from where the lead is generating and with how much ratio than other channels; it can be from different channel including sign ups, forms, or email subscribers. A CRM is essential to find those leads along with the lead close rate.

Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Additional data is required to understand where to make changes in your content input that can help you to improve the calls to action. Analyze the click-through rate of the call to action involved in your each content. Ensure the position and placement of your content in your funnel process to gather more CTR.

Traffic to Content

Along with the leads, observe the figures of traffic your contents are garnering too. Based on the content strategy find whether it is acquiring enough traffic or needs to be changed for the betterment. Even pay attention to engagement time and bounce rates.

Referral Links and Natural Inbound Links

Pay attention to what modes and channels are increasing your site’s referrals, as they can be very useful to create future opportunities. Referrals paths are helpful for you to gain networking with new people belonging to the same industry whereas natural inbound indicates that the content is going viral among the audience and which serves the motive of the content marketing.

User Retention

The traffic to the service at starting is not vital; the consistency is what that matters the most. User retention is an impressive mark if you deliver quality content, consistently. According to study, the visitor who visits five times in a month is more likely to build a pattern of regularly returning to the site.

Direct Post Engagement

Besides the online tracking tool try to figure out manually what your readers seek. Find the kind of taste customers are seeking in the content, what interests them the most, what topics and delivery media initiate discussion amongst them. It will help you to understand your audience better which ultimately make one to deliver engaging stuff.

Ramp Up Time and Longevity

Analysis of ramp up time and longevity of your content is essential to gain proper attention in a field. There is no set of rule to get traction on content; it can even reach to days to a few months. Pay attention to underperforming content and transform it into a fresh set of data for the audience.

Cost Metrics

Though it ‘s hard, calculating the return on investment (ROI) for content marketing is a good habit in business. Keep an account to manage the costs relevant to your content production, distribution, and channel cost across different platforms. Also, keep noting the value of closed leads to distribute revenues to the channels they used to reach you.

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