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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Places to Promote Your Content After you Hit Publish

10-places-to-promote-your-content-after-you-hit-publishYou have done with publishing your content. Did here ends the purpose of your written content? Most probably no. In the present market scenario, attracting the viewers to show the worth of your content is a vital task. It needs to be promoted on various platforms to seek the attention of your targeted audience. Below are the top most ten places suitable for your content’s promotion:

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Your Newsletter

The newsletter is a handy and quick way to make your readers aware of the new content. This is the reason why people subscribe to the bulletin. So, count their participation and make them engaged with your content, which can provide the valuable knowledge. They will sense the committed relationship with your business through it.

Submission Websites

You can leverage aggregators to show the power your content. These sites collect the best articles on the internet so people can upvote or downvote them as per their opinions. In this way, the most liked content by the audience can get more exposure. Some of such aggregators are Inbound, Kingged, Growth Hackers, Digg, infographics, and podcasts.


Reddit is a great place to market your website content reaching to a large group of audience. To promote your content at Reddit, try to figure out your appropriate subreddits with enough members. Then following the rules, submit your article. Moreover, tell some of your friends to upvote it so makes it on a top level.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting could be a way to your content promotion. How? While writing a guest blog, you can provide the readers about your upcoming articles or posts. It is a natural binding of the links, which could be leveraged for inviting users to the relevant sections.

Social Media (Automated)

Social media power is invaluable; everybody is aware of that. The platform can do magic when leveraged smartly as no content promotion is complete without the social media mentions. Good news is that a few plugins can help you get your social media promotions automatically. These are – Social Media Auto Publish, NextScripts Social Networks Auto Post, and Free Social Media Auto Submitter.

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Outreach to those you Shared Similar Posts

The motive to reach more people is that they can build a connective link with further more reach and so on in helping the content virality. You can leverage the Twitter platform to search people that can take an interest in your content. The key is to find the posts similar to yours that have been shared by more people. Use this opportunity to connect with the broad audience.

Q/A websites

Promotion of your content with a way to resolve a query can make your audience look into it. To do so, you can have access to sites including Quora, niche forums, and Yahoo answers.

Follow-up Series

Follow series allows you to send an email to your customers with the article links. Most writers do not utilize this method. This creates an automatic email list for your recipients; you can set the time for sending an email regarding an article. The best part of this method is that you can share the old piece of writing to your new signups for in-depth engagement.

Triberr And ViralContentBuzz

You can explore Triberr and ViralContentBuzz to make the promotion of your content. Moreover, they are also good at expanding your network.

Blog Comments

Comments are the area where the user makes a real statement or opinion that he thinks about the stuff or information. In addition, this can be a suitable place for your link connectivity that generates the more probability to be read by people.

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