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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Twitter Tips to Help You Craft Amazing Tweets

10-Twitter-Tips-to-Help-You-Craft-Amazing-TweetsSocial media proves to be the best platform for marketers and business to promote their products, services, and ideas. The beauty of your cover image and the number of followers are not the only factor that might bring more attention to your tweets. Twitter is a fast moving platform which allows you to promote your ideas in limited words. This factor does not mean that you do not put the effort in your Tweets. If you are wondering how you could make your tweets more engaging; the following tips will help you.

Right Images

Use images to express your ideas as visual data, because through visual data; you can improve your engagement rates. It is found the 40% of the people respond to visuals better than texts. This behavior doesn’t mean you have to include images in all your tweets. Only include images when needed.  And while doing so, make sure that you are using the right image that can enhance the engagements. Few types of images perform well compared to others. They are

  • Personal photos
  • Screenshots
  • Custom art
  • Stock Photos
  • Comics
  • Infographics
  • Charts and graphs
  • Still, frames from TV shows or movies

Right Colour

When you post twitter images, keep in mind that the color of the pictures can play a great role. These colors invoke emotions in the viewers. Bright colors like red invoke positive emotions compared to dark colors like gray. It is up to you to choose the right colors that are more suitable to your goal.

Right Words

The engagement of your tweet does not depend on what you say but depends on how you say it. Selecting the right words is important to attract attention. Adding words with emotional weight brings a positive response.

Start a Conversation

Social media is all about becoming social. The more you try to connect to people the more you will get a good response. Conversation is a good way to connect with people. You can start a conversation in ways. Asking feedback and asking questions. When you are stating something, don’t just blankly post what you are thinking. Post it by asking for feedback.  People will be happy to respond. Asking question is also a best to Tweet as our brain naturally tends to any matter it sees.

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Mention other people and their work in your Tweets

You can engage your Tweets by mentioning celebrities and brands in them.  But when you do so, there will be a high possibility of sharing and commenting. Mentioning a name in your Tweets increase your credibility. Also, be communicative with others work. You can retweet others tweet and comment on their tweet. This technique will make them return the favor.

Use Curiosity

Curiosity is the most powerful emotion that can be used in marketing. If you can leverage interest in the marketing strategy of your Tweets, you can win the market. The plan will award you with more clicks and comments. All you have to do is understand the curiosity of the audience, and you are there. Your Tweets will storm among your followers.

Less you, More audience

The only thing that you should keep in mind is all that people care is about themselves. They never care about you or your products. The people are caught up with their problems. Do not talk about why people should buy your products, instead, say how your product can solve their problem and challenges. Know the fears and challenges of the people and explain how your product can solve them. Doing so will increase the engagement.

Keep the Psychology of your Audience in Mind

Know and understand what your audience thinks. Do not copy other strategies, because all the audience is not same. The plan that suited for other’s audience might not suit your audience. Make an effort to learn your followers’ psychology instead of blindly trying to hit the right spot.

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Be Dramatic

Dramatize your way to influence a number of people. People have no time to focus on complex information. However, when presented in a dramatic way, they are attracted to it. Try to dramatize and simplify your Tweets in such a way that they are compelling. Make digestible and entertaining content instead of annoying ones.

Be simple

Social media is a noisy place. People want to stay away from noises but not from social media. So try to frame Tweets that are clear, simple and understood by everyone. This technique will provide your more listeners.

The Bottom Line

Follow the above tips and see the change in the engagement of your Tweets. There many other more professional tips that you can follow along with these tips.

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