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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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3 Biggest Business Lessons Grown-Ups Should Take From the Kidtrepreneurs

3-biggest-business-lessons-grown-ups-should-take-from-the-kidtrepreneursThere are immense possibilities in the world visible to those who are open mind and free to think across the boundaries. You can learn a lot from kids for their outstanding thinking capabilities and flexibilities. In the business world, people limit themselves with their first idea because all they can see is a difficulty. They start to think about the problems and their solutions rather than reaching new heights of ideas that lead to less problematic situations. Kidtrepreneurs are the smart kids who established their own business with fresh ideas, found success, and left adults wondering about them.

Every new business has a story behind, filled with several challenges, ideas, and solutions. You can learn from these stories and get help in crafting your business. Kids are the biggest learners, and they can give lessons about business from their association with the startups.

Here are the three business lessons grown-ups should take:

Start Here and Now

Mikailia Ulmar started a business when she was four years old. She named her startup Me & the Bees Lemonade (previously known as BeeSweet). She made the selling point in her front yard and started selling lemonade to neighbors.

11 years old Mikailia, found inspiration from her grandmother’s recipe in which she uses honey as a natural sweetener. She began her small business right where she was. The lesson is that starting your business is not about where you want to end up. Start here and now.

Look for a Partner who Shares Your Goals

Kiowa Kavovit is an eight years old entrepreneur and the owner of the company Boo Boo Goo the paint on the bandage. It is her idea that came into life with the help of her father and partner Andrew Kavovit. They took the help of a team of wound care specialists to make the product.

The lesson is that you should partner up with someone who can share your and provide strengths and skills that you lack. A good partner gives an extra boost to your business and team.

‘No’ is not a Closed Door

Moziah “Mo” Bridges a 14 years old boy, has an intuitive eye for fashion. He started designing tie when he was 9. At the age of 11, he appeared on Shark Tank where all the five investors passed on his bowtie enterprise Mo’s Bows. After five years, his firm is becoming stronger towards starting his clothing line. He dreams of attending Parson School of Design in New York.

The lessons from Bridges is that you at all times should move forward and look for the new opportunities regardless of the size of your business.

The Bottom Line

These three business lessons are as inspiring as practical when starting a company. The stories make you learn that if you have an idea, start doing the implementation, no matter where your thoughts end up. Choose your partner wisely and never get in disappointment.

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