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Monday , June 24 2024

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3 Tools to Increase Social Media Influence on Twitter

3-Tools-to-Increase-Social-Media-Influence-on-TwitterHaving limited resources, it becomes difficult to manage your Twitter presence along with other online networks. The top notch tools in such cases will help you better manage your Twitter presence. Make your basic Twitter Marketing tasks easier with these top 3 Twitter Marketing Tools.

Social Brio

Social Brio tool helps to manage and analyze your social community. Not only you can manage your Twitter account with Social Brio, but also, it also provides you with useful information that can be used for your social media strategy.

Social Brio helps you target your right audience through a function called “Discover Twitter Users”. This feature works with search options and filters to help find the data you need, to find your relevant audience. The advanced tool analyzes your competitors, keeping an eye on their Twitter account, monitors its evolutions and keeps updated with their social media strategy highlighting areas where you could modify your strategy.

The tool also has capabilities to find your best time to tweet as it is important to maximize your time on the social channel. The tool has features that lets you know when your target audience is online and suggests optimal times to get engaged with them.


Buffer is one of the most talked about software tool when it comes to social media marketing. It can be an excellent solution for scheduling the presence of your business. The Awesome plan of Buffer costs about $10.00 per month and allows the account holder to add about 12 social media profiles, with each profile adding 15 RSS feeds.

Buffer uses methods to find the best RSS feeds directly related to some specific keywords that are being chosen for Social Quant to pursue. The system then uses a basic feed hack available to add highly-rated and regarded targeted content to the desired market vertical on Twitter.


Commun.it is probably one of the top relationship management tool. The software helps you to cultivate your followers on Twitter and make important connections building your business. One of the top feature of Commun.it is that, it looks into your most up-to-date feed organizing your followers into three groups:

  • Influencers
  • Top Supporters, and
  • Engaged Twitter users

Another plus point of using this tool is the ability to sort your list according to “highest rating” or “most recent” showing your top influencers based on their algorithm.

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