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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Are Browser Push Notifications An Email Marketing Alternative?

Are-Browser-Push-Notifications-An-Email-Marketing-AlternativeEmails are indeed one of the greatest ROI elements for marketing. In fact, well-organized email campaigns that directly communicates with the audience generates huge business profits.

The online traffic today drifted primarily from the desktop to the mobile browsers.  Still, a greater number of the audience today are using the desktops to browse the internet. And this is where the browser push notifications come in. These are the messages that come from business websites. These words come right to your desktops even when you are not currently on that internet site.

Browser push notifications have also become popular as they never ask people their email ids. Researchers also observed that they have less than 10% unsubscription rates compared to marketing emails. Another reason for the popularity of browser push notifications is that it does not require any additional resources.

Emails and Browser Notifications, The combo works great

Although emails demand resources and need proper management, they cannot replace push notifications. The perfect combination of browser information and optimized emails can work great together to keep your business top on the minds of your customers.

When the Cart is Abandoned

There are times when people might come to your website, add items to the cart and leave without making a purchase. In such case, if you have complete details of the customers, you can directly send an email to the client saying that the item is in high demand and is going out of stock perusing them to make a quick purchase. In cases where you do not have email ids, a browser notification can bring them back to your website.

At the Time of Sales

At the time of festive offers and sales, email your customers to let them know what you have for them. Sales will bring your customers generating greater Return On Investment. In cases when you do not have their email ids, browser push notifications works best. Similarly, both the channels can be used as a perfect combination to bring in customers.

Launching a New Product

The frequent customers are the ones that are notified whenever a business starts a whole new product. It is therefore important to keep them updated with all the new items or services you have for them. For those who have not shared their email ids yet, you can use browser push notifications to keep them informed.

The Bottom Line

It is not that browser push notifications are there to replace emails, but they can be handy when a business does not have email ids of their regular site visitors. It is important for businesses to understand the importance and wise application of both services.

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