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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top 10 Accounting Tools Product Review- PiSight


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As a business owner, you at all times try to figure out how much you saved and how much you should save. For any financial plan, you have to keep an eye on the savings, expenses, and income.

The budget determines how much efforts you are going to make for your business. You need some tools that can manage your loans, credit card debts, and savings. PiMoney, which is a product of PiSight Company, is a tool for finance control and management. The tool is easy to use and has all the features for managing financial accounts. It provides a secure platform for saving the details of your bank accounts and credit cards.

Editions and Pricing

PiSight is currently running in Beta version. The vendors will launch the pricing model soon.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool provides an integrated overview that allows you to view all your finance in one place and financial health. It provides a graphical view of your monthly expenses, budget, and savings.



The tool enables you to add bank accounts and transactions. With transactions, you can view pie chart. The best thing is you can filter the entries by category, merchant name, institution name, or tags.


The tool analyzes your budget allocation and depicts data through pie chart or bar chart. You can choose budget settings between current month and every month. The tool shows budget summary.


The tool takes a graphical approach to let you know of income and saving. With insights, you can select a time frame for which you want to see graphs.

The good thing is that the color coded graphs are easy to understand.


The tool enables you to create your personal or business goals such as home loans, credit card debts, and savings for retirement or a trip. You can create custom goals as well.

The tool tracks your goals and shows financial data through the charts.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool is accessible via mobile browsing. The vendors will launch the mobile apps soon.


The tool integrates with top banks, brokerages, and credit card companies in Singapore, UK, and Australia.


The tool provides support via knowledge base and video tutorials.

Pros and Cons of Pisight


• User-friendly interface.
• Customizable and insightful reports.
• Powerful integration.


• The support facility could be better.


PiSight differentiates from other tools with the functionality. The tool works awesome with pie and bar charts that let you take deep insights of your financial status. It is very useful for small business owners and startups. You can use the tool for several goals regardless of individual’s goals or team goals. The stand out feature is integration with banks and credit card companies. The tool provides a secure transaction platform with easy user interface.

For more details, please visit Pisight website.

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