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Monday , April 15 2024

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Do’s and Don’ts of Infographics

Do’s-and-Don’ts-of-InfographicsBeing a marketer, still thinking what to post when the white box asks “what’s happening” or “what’s up in your mind”. Don’t think too much, infographics are there for you. They are the best way for visual content marketing, includes graphs, pictures, charts and other visual elements that can be used for representing information. It does the job for digital marketers very effectively. Infographics make content more digestible online, especially for the social communities.

A good infographic gets people attention and interest in the innovative and right approach. The infographics creator must know how to convey the meaning and context that online readers can understand and appreciate. There are some do’s and don’ts of infographics for digital marketers:


  • Show Information: Use images for representing information. The purpose of Infographics is to convey the information right to the audience and engage them with the post.
  • Tell a story: A short story with infographic helps to develop a reader’s interest, but there should be a conclusion and call to action as well.
  • Research reliable and credible information: The information with the infographics should be reliable and credible. One should research accordingly and presentation should be unique.
  • Use a color combination: A good infographic with bad color combination may disrupt the message you want to convey while colors with a theme improve credibility.
  • Think outside the box: Infographic is one of the means that gives the designer a big exposure to make it creatively. One can add various things like images, Table, animation and mixed up fonts.


  • Don’t settle for ordinary things: Ordinary charts, graphs or spreadsheets are not just the interest of readers. If you want to show some data stats, create infographics with some visual tools for better visibility.
  • Don’t assume everyone is familiar with your topic: Don’t think like infographics are accessed by your target audience only, it can be viewed by other people also. So, make the infographic in an understandable way.
  • Don’t use templates or clip arts: Using clip arts has become old-fashioned, even the available infographic templates are not that effective. You have to create your own theme-based infographic templates that should look tempting.
  • Don’t make words difficult to read: Words should be easily readable on your infographics. When one gets impressed with the image, his eyes go to the words first.
  • Don’t let infographic market itself: Created an infographic? The marketer’s job is not done yet. Like all other content, infographics also need to be promoted over the social media, blog and other platforms.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, infographics perform well when it comes to make the audience understand about something. Designing is not the sign of everything done, the marketers should be pro-active and too creative to reach more people attaining their quick attention.

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