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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Front Runner of Artificial Intelligence Marketing- DemandJump

Front-Runner-of-Artificial-Intelligence-Marketing - DemandJumpRecently Indiana-based startup, DemandJump has launched an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform and raised the seed funding by $1.8 million. The investor names include 4G Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and Bob Davoli, Managing Director at Sigma Prime.

This funding will be used in the expansion of the company’s sales and development members along with its client success team. Currently, the startup has a team size of 13 members. The company is expecting to rise till 20 within the next few months.

The company came into existence in 2015 by Christopher Day, CEO, and Shawn Schwegman, CSO. The firm is minimizing the space between artificial intelligence and actionable data insights, providing logical data channels with optimization of each penny used in marketing.

DemandJump offers a platform for marketers and enterprises by calibrating different online and offline data. It searches the best allocation of budget and resources. The technology they use is Artificial Intelligence with graph theory and algebraic topology.

Shawn Schwegman says that marketers are in a terrible situation where they are challenged to develop fully integrated marketing plan. And they get single channel tools with inconsistent data sets as the help. DemandJump is far better. The company’s original model provides the most promising marketing channels, events, and investments, from Billions of data. Their objective is to provide a positive view to any business ecosystem by predictive analytics and data so to enable marketers taking correct allocation decisions. This helps in making all money spent countable, and as a consequence delivers more traffic and revenue growth across channels.

Before DemandJump Day has been the co – founder of Navidar Group, an investment banking firm; The company used to deal in mergers and acquisitions for tech companies. The firm is going very well and gaining appreciations. The recent achievements which they have received in the form of title in the last month are “Innovation of the Year” and “New Startup of the year” at 17th annual Mira Awards Gala of TechPoint.

It has always been a challenging task for marketers to target next approach for getting better results. They are spending a lot of resources, time, and money in achieving good marketing channels, all because of contrasting online and offline customer behavior. DemandJump is offering great analytics channels to enhance the growth of the company without wasting many assets.

The Bottom Line

DemandJump marketing platform keeps digital data, providing marketers to discover significant opportunities for their stable business. It helps in eliminating useless stuff and enhancing revenue growth with the optimized budget. DemandJump is performing across all digital marketing channels and will be going to nail in online and offline channels too.

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