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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Zephyr

collaboration-tools-product-review-zephyrZephyr is one of the top collaboration tool or platform which allows teams and freelancers to network with their team members using the virtual workspace. You can set up one or more remote teams to work on projects. It has some useful set of collaboration tools that you can easily incorporate into your workflow like text and video chat for individuals as well as groups, file storage, email integration, planning for tasks and goals, the pinboard for discussions and commands for a more convenient workflow.

The platform is highly customizable, and you can choose the tools you need and add extra features with the Toggleable modes. Companies can use this tool to collaborate on outsourced joint projects and also to interact with their customers.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta and is available for free; you can join their launch list by paying $5.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Zephyr provides channels that enable you to text chat and video chat with your team. You can talk with the individual or with teams. The tool allows you to set up public or private channels so that only the people you invite can access it. You can also set up instant channels for anonymous discussions. The great channels allow you to share files and open up additional dialogues.


While you are using this platform, you don’t need to make any extra efforts of visiting your email account for mailing tasks. All your emails will be directly received by this platform. Your email can be accessed in every environment, and Zephyr will soon be introducing an option for sharing and sending.


You can set up and assign tasks, set priorities, and deadlines, add a description and move the tasks through various stages till the completion stage. You can also create quick lists or to-do lists for tasks that need to be accomplished and have a more efficient management of your daily workflow.



Zephyr provides a secure environment to upload files for sharing with teams or for personal use. There are different repositories for every environment which support multiple file formats and can be accessed easily and quickly.


You can showcase your created content and have discussions with your team on the pinboard. You can pose questions, conduct polls and also pin emails and chat messages there.




Each of these tools has its set of analytics which can be used by your team to get real-time stats on how it is performing.

Pros and Cons of Zephyr


  • Allows you to create virtual workspaces and switch between them as you like.
  • Powerful command system for faster access to tools.
  • Allows integration with as many email accounts as you need.


  • The platform works slowly at times.
  • The environment looks messy when too many windows are open.

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The level of flexibility offered with the workspaces is remarkable. Zephyr allows you to quickly switch between different virtual workspaces and choose an accessibility option you require be it private, group or public. The built-in command system is yet another stand out feature which makes the tool extremely convenient to work with.

For more details, please visit Zephyr Website.

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