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Monday , April 15 2024

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How Sellan App’s Bankruptcy Changed its Founder

How-Sellan App’s-Bankruptcy-Changed-its-FounderThe failure of his company made him a more rational creature, and now he understands technology better. Milan van den Bovenkamp, a 21-year student, used to run offline businesses during his college. With a Bachelor in Communication and multimedia design from the University of Amsterdam he has built products like Past –, Taggy, and Professional Rebel, and now presently contributing the world with technology apps such as – Get Wildcard, Online, and Kicking, Whitestone – Interactive music experiences.

Milan started his first company Sellan App with a co-founder, right after completing his graduation. Sellan App was an online app publisher. If the user has any idea of the app, they could help them to grow by their designs, (crowd) funding, development and publishing the app.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands the company had to face bankruptcy. However, Milan kept following his dream via different channels, to serve the world with the immense powers of Technology. He lived a hard journey during this phase, his family and friends’ support kept him enthusiastic and gave enough strength to write about his failure. Milan says, “it is hard to leave the product you built.” But never stop trying is what keeps the flow going. After an up – down adventurous journey with Sellan App he has learned some valuable morals.

A Great Partnership for business balance

The association between founder and co-founder is extremely needed to accomplish the goals from subtle view to large implementations. A mutual respect for each other should be present. The contribution of Each member runs a business to finish on-demand executions need planning which must be involved. Discussing over each topic in details made a good partnership. Also, founder and co- founder must possess same passion else having different people will ruin the idea.

Right selection of workforce

The very first selection of staff is a critical decision. Not taking it seriously will create a lot of fuss in the future. Well, it takes a quality amount of time to have great people on board. With caution and patience, the team will be long lasting and a worthy one.

Overview of Finance

Finances are pretty much necessary to roll out a company. And looking after their resources are even more necessary to make the business sustain. Having a Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to measure business objective efficiently and maintaining them is recommended.

Focused role in the business

A role for everyone must be focused and targeted. No one man will lead exploring two different adventures. Always either be an employee, listens to the Boss or be a Business Partner. These two altogether will destroy the career.

Avoid laid back

To run the business one must keep moving. There is no stoppage till the pinnacle of success. Researching new trends and awareness with the technology should be followed, it keeps the product alive.

Requires Transparency 

Interaction and communication maintain the transparency among the work culture which makes the team easy going and keeps the vision clear for further possibilities.

Small experiments with improvisations

Big operations need more resources, quick decisions with less scope of improvement, which in turn takes the business in significant losses. Later changes in great setups are more problematic than improvising small goals at each stage in business, incorporating dynamic adaptations.

Fall for the problem

Concentration on issues will yield a good result rather than focus on the solution. The solution demands so much engagement that getting out of it is hard. On the other, focusing on the problem will let the user have a full 360 observation which improves the solutions.

The Bottom Line

Learning from these factors, now Sellan App’s founder has deep practical knowledge in (crowd) funding, investors, building a team, doing partnerships, online communities, etc. It is vital to know what is best for your vision, your product. Full dedication and hard work with proper communication and observation make a product worthy.

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