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Monday , June 24 2024

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How To Increase Conversion Rates With A Product Video

how-to-increase-conversion-rates-with-a-product-videoMany companies fail to convert visitors into customers through their landing pages. People visit the web pages and leaves without buying anything. The conversion rates of the business through these pages are low, and they are not sure how to resolve it.

Product videos can help in such cases. They help propagate the products to the people showing people exactly what you are selling. Below are some of the ways that can help increase conversions through videos.

Say a Story

Telling a story can help your users engaged. Your video should drive them to stay and do business for your organization. An average person watches many videos in a day; it is, therefore important for yours to be eye catching and stand out among others.

The video must explain what the product is all about and benefits of using it. The short video must cover all the key points you wish to show your customer to.

Showcase the Benefits

The story must always contain benefits of using the product. Also, it should be kept in mind that there lies a big difference between features of a product and benefits of using the product. The features include all those properties that product have, on the other hand, benefits are the things that a user gain using the features of the product.

The benefits should be aligned to the customer’s needs. When a customer observes his or her needs fulfilling, their engagement automatically increases.

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Video should be Product Focused

The characters or the key elements of the video show should not make the video lose focus on the product itself.  The video should put the product as the central focusing point, showing how it is being used and how the buyer’s money is converted into value using it.

The video should showcase what you are selling and how the product serves the customers right.

Expense Behind Creating Them

Creating a perfect video to showcase business was pretty expensive a few years back. But with resources that are easily available, it became a lot easier. Creating a decent video is easy now using a good camera, a slideshow and a voiceover.

If you are inexperienced making a video, there are many people out in the market who will outsource videos for your business.

Split Testing The Videos

It is best to split test videos like anything else in the market. This can be an excellent way to measure your conversion rates. Running more than one landing pages can be a helpful approach. This will let you observe what things works best for you.

The Bottom Line

Videos have gained a lot more popularity on the internet. They are the most efficient way to increase visibility, engagement, and conversions. Investing in videos and observing their conversion rates is undoubtedly worth a try.

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