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Friday , April 12 2024

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure- Edge 45

Overcoming-the-Fear-of-Failure-Edge 45Edge 45 is a Yorkshire based digital marketing agency founded in July 2015 by Colin Docherty. The company provides expert analysis to help startups and small businesses increase their online presence by providing some actionable insights to increase the performance of a website.

The company is particularly dedicated to serve small businesses who usually don’t have enough resources to invest into a marketing agency and are hence unable to use their website to its full potential.


The idea

Colin Docherty had prior experience of working as an Account Manager in large SEO agencies. During the years he had worked in the SEO business he learned that small companies don’t stand a chance against the big enterprises when it comes to SEO. There are companies that promise instant growth to small companies merely on the basis of SEO. SEO was being projected as the only thing that is required by a business. The truth is, there are many other digital platforms like affiliate marketing, email marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization which are just as effective and usually more suited to a business’s needs.

Colin Docherty realized that and came up with the idea of Edge 45 that provides a more holistic approach to Digital Marketing with lesser efforts and money required from the client’s part.

Why it worked?

The practice usually followed by larger companies was hiring different agencies for every other service like Email marketing, PPC marketing and others. This often caused miscommunication, wastage of time in duplication of efforts and of course a high amount of expenditure involved in working with different organizations. Small companies cannot afford all that and often struggle with growth even though they have a great product. Colin felt the need for introducing a space where all these different services can be brought under one roof, so, even though he wasn’t certain about whether or not there is a definite market for such a service, he took the risk and went on with the startup.

The Startup Journey

During the days when Colin was an SEO account manager, he spent a lot of time exploring the world of Digital Marketing by being involved in different activities like attending seminars and reading. Colin always liked the idea of running his own business but never actually thought that he was capable of turning this dream into reality.  It was, however the split up of his the company he worked for that pushed him to take the risk. Edge 45 started by providing consultancy to small businesses to improve the performance of their website. Once the customers started finding value in their work, they decided to continue working with the startup. Edge 45 didn’t tie people into lengthy contracts as other SEO agencies did instead they established a high level of transparency by speaking to the clients on an everyday basis.

A major challenge faced by the startup was to scale the business, according to the customer’s need. They found a way of overcoming it by being selective with the clients.

The Bottom Line

Colin states that it was the fear of failure that always held him back and made him think against doing something on his own. After he had to distance himself from the comfortable job is when he gathered the guts to try it out and overcome that fear. He advises budding entrepreneurs to think less and just do it.

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