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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Patterbuzz Buzzed the Indian market for a While

Patterbuzz-Buzzed-the-Indian-market-for-a-WhileThe idea behind the product Patterbuzz emerged to the founder, Amit Goel’s who has keen interest towards reading through the media. The everyday media provide such an amazing content that was easy for regular people to understand and follow. No doubt a lot of efforts were put into these publications by the people. But grabbing and consuming content on the internet was not an easy task.

With everything channeled through the social channels, people believed that even the supreme content was free of charge. Social channels and bloggers are now publishing content that is not premium and no matter what, people are considering. From this, emerged the idea behind Patterbuzz. The founders had the vision to change the media industry by introducing premium content from all this noise.

And because this all needed efforts from the team, they decided to make the service paid. The team decided to make the payment method easy so that people can pay for the content they read. The team started to work with the Indian magazine industry first. Patterbuzz got its first publisher signup even before the first prototype came to market. Later as days passed by and all the efforts up, the team expanded to 5 people.

As for the project, Patterbuzz had signed up with content licenses with more than 50 magazines with more than 450 publications issued along with more than 20,000 articles released. As the product progressed, the team has their own iPAD and Android apps with a website to enable premium content to the people.

Soon, the group of Patterbuyzz became a team that first enabled unbundling of magazine content. Patterbuzz allowed people to buy an article for just Rs. 2 rather than the whole magazine costing RS. 100. The power point was, people could read that article right in the Android or iOS devices. The article also contained one relevant YouTube video right inside it.

Patterbuzz also became the first team to accept micro-payment on content using Carrier or Operator billing rather than the Credit Card billing option.

The product was also substantially supported by the talented players of the startup such as YourStory, NextBigWhat, and OCC. OCC helped the team connect to other entrepreneurs whereas NextBigWhat gave the team platform BigMobility event to showcase the product in front of the community. The team also met some people who motivated and identified their goals towards the Indian media.

The Bottom Line

The only thing that kept them struggling was finance. The team did not always have a lot of money to take the project forward. The team also failed to convince the investors to invest in the project. Ultimately, the project faced a tragic death and had to wind up.

But still, the team was highly motivated to grab another opportunity to come back with a new idea, or a new project in hand. This industry already exists in the market with a broad scope, and many other competitors are already working and earning big out of it.

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