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Sunday , July 14 2024

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What are the 3 Dumb SEO Tactics That Can Get your Site Penalized?

What-are-the-3-Dumb-SEO-Tactics-That-Can-Get-your-Site-PenalizedHow about you get up one fine morning and watch your website got penalized. Well, the thought itself seems deadly. The situation can arise when you put up a site and follow traditional SEO practices that have gone invalid. Many people publish about SEO practices without matching with the current trends.

Therefore, the penalty is not only bad for your online presence but can make you hit the ground if any partner or a prospect is watching you on Google. So, if you plan regarding an SEO strategy for one year, there are a few things to consider.

Buying of Links

Buying of links is like going against Google’s policy. Make sure that your link is natural and derived from the authentic practices. For your information, links can be accomplished through real and valid link acquiring strategy and not an illegal means.

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Wait! Are you taking help of SEO companies who are outsourcers? They would probably go to other freelancer website and buy links at a discount. It makes no sense to put your site in the hand of a third party who is working for a short-term employment. Moreover, buying links means to make your way through black-hat marketers.

To avoid this situation, check that your provider is taking white-hat methods to acquire links. Hence, if you and your provider are using the link buying technique, then discontinue the same immediately.

Linking to Homepage

It is no wrong if you include website links within your backlink strategy. All that one should do is to implement it in the right manner. Although, there are beliefs that the practice will help them attain a higher rank.

For those people with such views should update themselves. Google is not in the habit to the class website rather it lists pages. Thus, make sure to show quality in content within the website and not only the homepage. Also, try making your home page natural with the bunch of actual services and natural occurrences. Only a website and landing page are not sufficient. Add-on a blog page that attracts more traffic.

Link Wheels and Farms

Let me put up the two terms in a better way. Link farming is created by putting a set of web pages to link to a particular website to improve search engine ranking. On the other hand, link wheels are posting your content/article to various sites such as article submissions, press release or others to bring all the traffic to one place.

Sometimes, SEO providers are creating a backlink to specific sites using free platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. It results in nothing but trying to manipulate the search results. Thus, refrain from creating a farm of links to any specific money sites. If your SEO provider can get a backlink, then inquire if he owns the place from where the link originates.  And if they are making use of Link Wheel then either it should come from a link farm or white-hat link wheel techniques.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, SEO provider should remain updated with to-do’s and don’ts. SEO techniques are regularly changing, and one requires refraining from paying the penalty. More incorrect practices need to be avoided to get better search engine rank and save from Google penalty.

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