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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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MIQASA on its way to Make the Indian Homes Smarter

Startup Story - Miqasa - ToolowlThe internet of things has been ruling the technology world for a long time. This technology has made our lives smarter, easier and quicker. How this technology has expanded and reached new levels is exceptional. In this regard, the small island nation of “Singapore” is one of the first countries that are on their way to make its cities smarter.

Inspired by how this combination of hardware and software technology has changed everyday lives, one technology enthusiast Santosh Kumar Patil is aiming to go to new heights. He is working with his new startup MIQASA giving the Internet of things a new definition.

Previously working in the STEM fields and having an experience at the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), he decided to put in all his knowledge towards this new blend of hardware and software.

MIQASA was founded in the April month of 2015. He started to work from Delaware, Colorado. He started the project in a stealth mode. He had a single vision to do something exceptional with the new combination of hardware and software. On his way forward, Angle Investor Taresh Anand backed up his venture and help to start the company.

He names the company as MICASA. The meaning of the company lies in the Spanish language with mi casa meaning my home. The name was adopted as an inspiration towards his vision to automate homes making them smarter as ever.

Switches and Modules

He started to work with a 12- Switch module developing his prototype. The company developed a core product, a switchboard. They named the board as Elegant Touch that worked on the principle of interfacing the feather touch with traditional switches. They connected them online to control or automate home appliances.

Promoting Smart Living

The company aims to minimize the overall power consumption by a home. The founders say that the technology will help families cut down the monthly power bill up to 15%. The product will not only automate the home appliances but also ensures a minimum wastage of power. The team says that analytics by MIQASA has a theme-based operation for daytime, nighttime, and power usage for different activities.

Way forward!

Moving towards making the Indian homes smart and reducing the overall consumption, the company is planning to pull in AI. They are working to add AI technology to implement some deeper functions in the smart living space. The company is also planning to expand its workstations in North India in the cities of Noida and Gurgaon.

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