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Friday , April 19 2024

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Best Collaboration Tools Product Review – Smartag

Collaboration-tool-Product-Review-smartagCollectively working and keeping everyone on the same page is something every company looks forward to. Collaboration tools are therefore designed to keep people informed about the business activities and tasks.These tools help teams to access all business documents at a central repository, track progress of tasks, helps managers assign tasks to the employees, helps instant messaging and information sharing inside the tasks.

One such kind of software tool is Smartag one of the best collaboration tool. The online application helps teams improve and smoothen their workflow by tracking activities, sharing files, instant chat, planner and even conducts video meetings.

Editions and Pricing

The application is available in three editions, the details are:

Trial Free For Individuals
Starter $5 Monthly For Small Teams
Professional $20 Monthly Medium Enterprises
Enterprise Contact Vendors Large Enterprises

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

smartag -dashboardThe Smartag Dashboard
The dashboard in the application is the access point to all the activities your business is dealing with. The dashboard shows you To-Do list, storage status for your account, Ongoing Activities, Completed Activities, and some other features such as statistics. Users also have access to other panels such as Activities, Files, Calendar, Contacts and Video Calls.


smartag-activitypanelThe Activity Panel
The activity panel is a place which displays a list of all the activities related to the profile. Teams can initiate a chat for an activity and add sub-activities to the activity.

Other features for an activity that are supported are:

  • Add files or documents to an activity
  • Add Image
  • Add a video
  • Add an audio
  • Or other document that needs to be added.

smartag-filespanleFiles Panel
The Files panel displays all the files that are associated with an activity. The tool gives its users an option to upload files from the local disk or upload it from Dropbox. The files uploaded from the local disk can also be uploaded to the Dropbox. The panel also displays a section for private files, i.e. the files which users do not wish to share with the teams or which are not shared with anyone.


smartag-calendarThe Smartag Calendar
The Calendar option of the tool lets you monitor the activities better at a single place. Not only it gives information about the activities, but also it allows users to create new activities by selecting dates. The intuitive view also lets the user to view their schedule according to month, week or day.



smartag-contactlistThe Contact List
Smartag manages all the contacts associated with the profile. The user can add as many contacts as he or she wants. If you do not wish to make fresh entries in to the tool’s calendar, the Smartag calendar allows its users to sync its calendar to the Google Calendar to import the schedules.



smartag-videocallThe Smartag Video Call
One of the best features about this application is the Video call. It lets you make a call from right inside the application, without using an external software.



smartag-videocall2Here you can invite participants through emails for the video calls. The panel also shows details about ongoing conferences along with Call History.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is web based and have no mobile application support for Android or iOS devices.


The product integrates with applications such as Dropbox, Google Calendar and Google Drive to help you sync better with your online database. The tool also lets you share your accomplishments on social and professional platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


The tool offers the user to go through a product tour before they start using it. Smartag also solves users’ queries through the FAQ’s where users can find direct answers for their doubts. Other than this, the tool also offers phone and email customer support.

Pros and Cons of Smartag


  • The tool is highly intuitive and easy to learn and use.
  • The tool offers powerful user support.


  • The tool lacks features such as cooperative writing or synchronous editing. Which being a collaboration tool would have added more value to the tool.

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The differentiating feature of Smartag is, its video call feature. You can make video calls to team members or business partners right from the activities. The tool also manages video call history so that you can keep a track of all the video calls made concerning an activity.

For more details, please visit: Smartag website.

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