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Monday , June 24 2024

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All About bOnline VoIP

Award-winning small business communication tool VoIP phone system provider bOnline  has a VoIP system that prides itself on many things, namely, being a cost-effective and reliable solution that can level the playing field for a small business over its Enterprise competitors. Let us now give you some information about bOnline.

bOnline Pricing

bOnline has three different basic tiers including, pay as You Go, Unlimited Calling and Unlimited Calling and Video, all for a flat monthly fee. They all offer the usual suspects to an extent, including music on hold, messaging and their voicemail feature.

Pay as You Go package

The lowest rung, Pay as You Go provides 100 minutes to UK landlines and contains the standard unlimited inbound calls, amongst other features, for a total price of £5/$6.95 per user per month, excluding VAT.

Unlimited Calling Package – Most Popular 

As the name suggests, bOnline’s Unlimited Calling package gets you unlimited UK landline and mobile calls, plus unlimited conference calling and 1-1 HD video meetings. You also get an audio conferencing bridge, call recording on-demand, multi-site support, an IVR and much more. No wonder it’s their most popular package, especially as it’s come down in price from £12.95/$17.95 monthly per user to just £9/$12.45 excluding VAT.

Unlimited Calling and Video Package

Meanwhile, their Unlimited Calling and Video allows, you guessed it, as much audio and video calling as you can make each month for just £16/$22.15 per month per user, excluding VAT. This package has everything a small business would need.

bOnline Features

Mobile, tablet and desktop Communicator app

For desktop users, a communicator app is available that works and looks much like a typical messaging utility, allowing you to send and receive softphone calls to those people on your contacts list or through a keyed number. This app is not revolutionary, but it does most things those who use VoIP want and need, even if the integration side of it could do with some work. As an addendum to the desktop and mobile apps, bOnline also has a web interface called ‘my phone next’ that allows some functionality with only a browser. This feature could be useful if listening to voicemails away from the office is a requirement, and from here, you can also redirect calls or get an email sent to you when someone rings. And, you can make calls using it. Where web-based versions are usually a subset of their desktop application counterparts, you can do lots with this one, including making changes to the system based on time, as in out-of-office hours and weekends.


As VoIP solutions go, bOnline’s VoIP system is extraordinarily simple and requires no software installation or engineer visits for VoIP hardware. You can get set up and calling with bOnline within minutes.

Hardware Pairing

bOnline offer the ability to access the included voicemail system, initiate a chat and create conversation rooms where you can invite multiple people for a conference call. All the things like you can do with a hardware switchboard can be done through this, with call waiting, transfers, to voicemail, and you can record conversations. There is also a full call log of all the calls you’ve made or received, and you can set the status of the phone to manage downtime with this software.

Telephony Features

bOnline’s vast range of telephone features that starts with the basics of business hours, call routing, call forwarding, and call menus, you can easily customise their VoIP software to your business after the quick installation.

bOnline VoIP Integration

bOnline integrates with more than 20 software. Some of them include Google and Twitter, plus Outlook for contact syncing. Some of the other, more popular VoIP third-party integrations from bOnline are:

  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sugar CRM
  • Zoho
  • WorldPay
  • Sage 50 Accounts
  • Sage 50 Complete Accounting

bOnline Performance

The performance of any VoIP system is mostly dependent on having the bandwidth it needs to be maintained and ideally isolated from other internet traffic. There are hundreds of VoIP users fighting over a relatively narrow connection that can result in performance issues. None of these issues is addressable from the communicator application, and therefore the quality of service aspect of this product needs to be maintained by how the network is configured or segmented.

bOnline Security

All accounts have a login and password, and if those are compromised, then anyone can make calls as you or intercept the incoming ones. The system would be much more secure with second-factor authentication. For any business with high levels of staff turnover, like call centres, those that supervise colleagues using this solution will need to be proactive in revoking access once employees depart. If you use the call-recording feature, you’re slightly better off as it has advanced encryption standard-256, which is almost impenetrable to hackers.

bOnline Customer Support

bOnline has strong customer support. It provides phone support, web support, and other support. One of their most handy support features is their network Status Page.

In a nutshell, bOnline’s VoIP solution is simple to use, offers HD call quality and works seamlessly across devices at a price that is small business friendly.

Source: Techradar

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