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Friday , May 24 2024

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Haptik Chatbot Technology

Haptik-Chatbot-TechnologyDiverse requirements and technology have risen the new market for applications, especially in the mobile world. Worldwide the mobile apps and their craze are increasing. You can easily find more than one suitable app for your sack of interest. Amongst this big mobile app market, the most trending technology is one that is offering communication across users. Everyone is well aware of Whatsapp and its charm.

4.1 million apps are present in total on Google Store and App Store. With the heavy apps stuff, now people are looking at apps to fulfill their tasks instead of targeting companies. Before the competition, firms started applying strategies where the user can access other apps from the app he is currently using. It could consider as the merging of apps. However, it ended soon. The essential methodology was the evolution of user interactive applications.

Talking about another technology giant Facebook that inspired by chat functionality, introduced Facebook Messenger to establish a better interactive bridge between users. Indian companies have not yet represented such chat platforms. However, some firms are creating helpdesks for users in which Haptik is one such startup.

Haptik Idea

Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev founded the chat application, Haptik in 2013. The app provides data-driven decisions to its users. This data-driven service started when 2 of its members were having breakfast. Going through the food menu, they found the similar reference to the App/Play Store. They thought the list does come with vast options but the same produce confusion and frustrating state when searching for a particular item. Therefore, they came up with a relative theory that is – if one can control the options on a menu, he can predict the user’s choice pattern as well and hence, will take better future decisions for a particular user. Haptik leverages this theory to serve the users with smart bot technology.

Haptik Working

Since Haptik is a chatbot platform that functions on Artificial Intelligence, the bot is the representative here interacting with the customers. The user can ask or make a request regarding anything from finding the best mobile plan, to checking movie timings, to booking reservation in the desired restaurant, and much more.

The bot first deciphers the request and tries to get what you need. If unable to do so with 100 percent accuracy, the application is then hand over to a personal assistant involved in Haptik service. Each representative is chosen based on the age group, geographical region, expertise level. For instance, to find the best Italian restaurant one can get revert from the bot. However, to get the location of a pet-friendly restaurant needs a human assistance having an enough knowledge of the area.

Every time the assistant recommend something to the user, the bot learns from it and saves the pattern to apply similar solutions in future. The beauty of technology can make the bot robust enough to take decisions through understanding a person’s recurring requests and responds. Based on your previous chats, the bot automatically will identify your pattern and provide you required results. For your daily 9 pm reminder, the app will build automatic task manager. It will show the shortest route for reaching your office, and what not. With the help of subtle data, the app will furnish best outcomes to you.

The Bottom Line

Amongst the massive app collection, there is the need to shift the level of technology in smart apps. Incorporating the smart tactics aims at reduction of mental stress and timing to perform a task. Chatbot can perform the tasks faster and with least possibility of error. Understanding the business objective, its needs, targets, and consequences will guide one to take better technology decisions for the users.

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