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Friday , April 12 2024

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How Zipi Pulled in Capabilities to Add Multiple Services in One App

How-Zipi-Pulled-in-Capabilities-to-Add-Multiple-Services-in-One-AppIntense research, brainstorming and observing the current apps in the market gave the idea of Zipi. The team observed that people are using mobile apps to find places, people or a local business in their areas. And for this, they are using multiple apps and platforms. The team Zipi simplified this for mobile app users.

They offered a platform that had features of multiple apps in a single app. The team came up with this concept to save time and efforts. As it took a lot of time for people to download multiple apps to find things they were looking at. This idea about business formulated as the co-creators very well knows the importance of technology and how this technology is changing business operations.

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Zipi laid its seeds in October 2015 and reached the market in January 2016 for the public. The product is managed by a 15- member team led by Sukrat Ray, Pranav Singhi, Sumay Dubey, and Siddharth Ray. The team aims to bring the technology to the fingertips as now we are using mobile apps for every service we need today.

Team Zipi came up with the concept to pull in all the features of these mobile apps in one single app. These app design masters for all the rest of the apps and solutions also saving a lot of phone memory. Now instead to install a number of apps to search things, Zipi will do this for you. Even if you are unable to find a service, you can use Zipi’s chat to get insights and details on goods and services.

Key Services

The application helps users to explore and search options for goods and services. These include almost everything we do in our everyday life. The app can search and find hotels, restaurants, vendors, salons, etc. You can not only search but also can shop and compare prices right away. This can be a useful app if a user is traveling to unknown places. The chat option can be a great help in such cases. To get quick answers, you only need to do is to type in a query, and it will be answered within minutes. This app will also keep you updated on news, upcoming discounts, events, etc.


This concept of Zipi quickly attracted people. Soon after 15 days of its establishment, the co-founders claims to have received 1000 downloads in the Google Play store and almost 200 installations for iOS. After being recognized by people, Zipi raised Rs. 1 Crore from HNIs based in the US. The company is also on talking terms with a few more angel investors that are based out of Gurgaon and Mumbai. The company expects to further raise $500,000 (Rs. 3 Crore) in the coming weeks.

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