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Friday , April 19 2024

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10 Things to Avoid Doing on LinkedIn!

No doubt, LinkedIn has come up as a platform for a huge database and works as a research tool for people looking for jobs and business owners. Also, LinkedIn is a platform where people publish things about themselves and their services.

If you are planning to make most of this renowned platform or performing social media activities here, make sure that you do not come across misconduct. If you do not want to recognize as a rude networker like many, be careful before making a move on LinkedIn. Here, are a few things recommended to never do on LinkedIn.

Have a quick look!

  1. Just because you have endorsed the skills of your friend, it does not make any liability for him. Never ask your known people to endorse your skills on LinkedIn.
  1. If you are a person from the Department of Business Development, do not approach by sending a connecting invitation with an intention to make a sales pitch right after they have joined your network.
  1. Well, your approach towards sending connect invite just to get their email is incorrect. It is probably declared that people intend to add other people to include them in their newsletter subscriber list.
  1. As far as, you have a mutual connection and you can ask connecting person for an introduction, do not make use of InMail. What else are introductions for?
  1. It is probably the wrong way to ask people in your network to become a referral source for you. Please seek permission before sending messages to their LinkedIn inboxes.
  1. Make a connection for further connection is not the right approach. Meaning, when you send a connection invitation request to someone, do not jump on sending a request for introducing them to someone they know. This clearly visualizes, “you are a means to my goal.”
  1. Connection invite should not prolong to asking for job opportunities lately. If you do so, they will tell you to “Look at the website.” Instead, you should priory visit the website for the right procedure or send a letter to the hiring manager.
  1. While going through a job-hunt; do not propose an invitation to people you come across during interviews. If you get the job, they will be your co-workers. If you do not get the job, send a “Thank You Message” with a LinkedIn invitation proposal.
  1. Do not make use of your first-degree connection to build up a contact with others. If you are planning to email or call them and say that “We know this person in common – let’s talk!” Better, ask them for an introduction…instead?
  1. Lastly, every profile already is equipped with a bundle of information. Do not tax the kindness of strangers and casual business associates; otherwise, you will put your networking reputation at risk.

If you came across a bad experience while on LinkedIn, tell us in the comment section below!

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