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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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SMS Sunami Generating Business Mearly by Organizing SMSes

SMS-Sunami-Generating-Business-Mearly-by-Organizing-SMSesThe 27-year-old founder of Street Smart Mobile, Prabhu S N M realized that about 80% of Indians use text messages to communicate. The irony lies in the fact that these people have absolutely no idea whether their SMS are proving the purpose or not.

The rest of them use WhatsApp, Hike and the Facebook messenger. In fact, the younger generation does not use the regular SMS service at all. Observing all these patterns, Prabhu, along with Prakhar Dighe and Sudeep Sesha started working on an app that would work only on the 2G speed to pull out relevant information about the customers. The app collects this information and organizes it into a calendar.

SMS Sunami app offers a friendly looking dashboard that displays information based on your interest. The app displays bill payments on one end while due dates on the other along with reminders. It also lets you clean out the spam SMSes.

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The application is designed to understand a person’s data usage habits. It suggests the purchase of various products- right from insurance to groceries to the digital coupons. The startup is in its initial state with an investment of less than 10 lacks so far. The SMS Sunami team is currently gathering information and looking forward to more business partnerships to cross-sell service on the app.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India estimates that India’s SMS market is more than 6 million messages a day. And, on an average, a person gets 6 messages related to transactions and marketing. All these facts led them to seed the startup SMS Sunami.

The founders of this startup met while working for a company called Base2Media Works in 2013, which was also owned by Prabhu. While discussing the next business idea, they came up the concept of SMS Sunami. All the team members behind SMS Sunami are from the engineering background.

The Business Model

The business model involves offering SMS organizing for free. The app present offers that align with the person’s personal interests and are further monetized with partnerships with business. The trick they used is a simple technology, but the offers are highly personalized to match up the preferences of the people.

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SMS Sunami has joined hands with 10 businesses to offer digital coupons. The startup makes 20% of the bill value when the offer is accepted. The team is also planning to connect to the offline world by their location- to the customer and customize offers locally.

The Bottom Line

Although there are similar business models in the market they have not made much having the simple technology. The possible reason behind this is, maybe because they have not figured out the closing of the transaction route to connect app users with their shopping habits. On the other hand, the co-founders of SMS Sunami are confident that their analytic capabilities could connect business to consumers just by organizing the SMS.

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