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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Human Resource Management software – Darwinbox

HR-Management-Toolbox- DarwinboxDarwinbox is one of human resource management software is a Hyderabad based SaaS company launched in August 2015. Recently the firm has raised an undisclosed amount in its early seed funding stage. The companies included are 3one4 Capital of Mohandas Pai, Tracxn Labs, and Endiya Partners.

Jayant Paleti, Rohit Chennamaneni, and Chaitanya Peddi founded the company for which Rohit says that to make the whole hiring and onboarding process smooth for HR administration and the employees, they created Darwinbox. While Jayant and Rohit are IIM Lucknow alumni, Chaitanya is XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus.

This human resources technology and analytics company deliver services including a human resource information system, application tracking system, payroll management, employee engagement, performance management system and predictive analysis. One can manage processes from recruitment to performance management in an organization using the featured modules of the software. The mobile app comes with many features out of which, one is responsible for daily attendance check-in in the office.

Darwinbox HR, their first product offers engagement, empowerment, and inspiration to the employees by providing straightforward and automatic HR processes for an enterprise. The firm’s client list contains Delhivery, Swiggy, Sai-solutions, SuVitas, Voonikcom, and NTV. They have the vision to bring their client companies to the next level of digital evolution. They consider their product as a powerful tool that is a modern enterprise targeting intuitiveness and scalability.

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The Bottom Line

According to the firm, they will be using the fund in the development of new modules other than the existing five modules. They are planning to contribute the funding for the expansion of marketing and sales across the country.

In similar space, there are other startups too that are growing at pace. Some of them include Bangalore-based Blueleaf Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd that operates Weballigator and raised 2.5 crores in angel funding, Zwayam Digital Pvt. Ltd also increased seed funding.

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