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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Product Reiew – Toast Payroll

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Toast Payroll is a web based Cloud hosted platform that is particularly created for restaurants so as to help them make their workforce and labour management more efficient. It automatizes all the tasks and interlinks the (Point of Sales) POS with the payroll system. Toast Payroll helps the restaurant managers and the Human Resource Management team in supervising the workforce and other HR related tasks.

This Software helps you with all the processes related to the personnel management. Moreover, it also helps in automating all the tax calculations concerned with payroll, thereby making the tax calculation process simple through its in built tools. It helps organizations in maintaining their timesheets so as to make correct payment to its employees by automatizing the calculation process. Also, Toast Payroll helps to overcome all these problems by creating accurate time sheets without any error.

Editions and Pricing

Toast Payroll does not offer a free trial to its prospective customers. But, it does offer three paid plans.


Monthly Pricing



$ 79 per month

Professional Plan

$ 99 per month

Enterprise plan

Customized Pricing


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


The Dashboard mentions the entire menu. This screen appears in the restaurant kitchen, thereby helping the servers and the restaurant chefs to take and accordingly prepare the order. This helps in reducing the chaos and serving the ordered dishes on time.



The accounts feature mentions all the revenues and expenses incurred by the organization in a tabular or graphical format in order to get a closer insight into the financial functionality of the organization. It mentions the net sales, unpaid amount, total cash available in a tabular format. 


Additional features of Toast Payroll software 

  • Creating a menu for servers to input orders and also for online ordering within the platform.
  • Tracking restaurant stock in order to make precise purchasing decisions.
  • Creation of work schedules for the workers.
  • Track all the income and expenses within a single platform.
  • Serves different analytics tools to track progress.
  • Accepts all types of Credit Card payments.
  • Accepts payments without the internet.
  • Users can easily view all the tables, their availability, and their order status.
  • Offers specific tools that could send orders directly to the kitchen either in printed form or displayed on the screen.


  • Email Support
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Online Training
  • Apart from telephonic and Email support, they are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is not available to install on any mobile devices. Rather it can be used on web-based platform, cloud, and SaaS.

External Integration

The Toast Payroll software can integrate with other Toast products such as Toast Point of Sale.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to customize the menu.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Best customer support facility.
  • Affordable value for money software
  • Easy integration with other devices.
  • It is effortless to use. Users can easily add outsiders as well as insiders on the call.
  • Conduct meetings with offshore clients effortlessly.
  • Easy to make calls and use access links offered for users from both inside or outside the company. 


  • Some of the users found the technical support awful.
  • Difficulty in processing the refunds.
  • Printing problem in the delivery receipts as they keep printing on the kiosk printer instead of cashier facing the printer.
  • Many restaurateurs get delivery orders from zip codes outside their delivery zone.

Key Differentiators

  • The application can be used offline also and the data installed is easy to get on the back end, and in real time.
  • The tool has numerous functionality as compared to other payroll software.

For further details, please visit the Toast Payroll website.

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