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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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The Growth Story of a Collaborative Hiring Platform- DoSelect

The-Growth-Story -of-a-Collaborative-Hiring-Platform-DoSelectHR-technology startup, DoSelect was initiated during the college days by two tech innovators- Sanket and Rohit. DoSelect intends to solve HR and Engineering team related issues by putting engineers across real-life application scenarios and resolves matters related to “code, test, deploy, debug” etc. Also, the platform will serve to find out best talent for diverse teams. The founding teams comprise of Iliyas Shirol, Sanket Saurav, and Rohit Turkey.

Amongst which, Iliyas is an engineer from InMobi and has joined the team later, whereas Rohit and Sanket did their Bachelors in Technology from NIT Jamshedpur.

Idea Generation of Collaborative Hiring Platform

While the trio was involved in their previous startup CampusHash, that was a technical workshop, they got to speak to different companies and realized that hiring technical talent is broken all around. Therefore, hiring them was manual and involved with many inefficiencies. They later concluded that why not build a product to solve the problem.

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Since they thought to revolutionize the everyday process by inventing new technique and new programs, DoSelect came into existence. Thus, DoSelect raised as one such recruitment tool that helps organizations to not only find but access through the right talent. With the support of this platform, companies will aim to evaluate talent across a range of technologies.

Working of DoSelect

As mentioned by one of the co-founders, “DoSelect seeks to help businesses to automate and optimize the hiring funnel. Also, you can relate the company with its two main keywords as collaborative recruitment and technology independence.” The process involves winning candidate with timed online test or a cooperative testing, one-on-one interaction with the team to build a better understanding. The best part is organizations can evaluate on any technology without having to set up anything. All that the companies require doing is define a problem, select the framework, and an operating system that candidates will use to answer the question.

Heading Towards Growth

While speaking up regarding DoSelect, Iliyas says, “Earlier, the entire process was manual where recruiters used to ask questions over email/chat; then candidates would solve the problem; send the code to recruiters which they would download. Downloading process will be followed by running review and sent back the report. Slowly and steadily when recruiters began to increase, it became a difficult task as operations.

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According to the team DoSelect, there were many amendments in the technology to provide independent experience and best workflow for recruiters. The first achievement was counted in the books of DoSelect which was within two weeks of launch; we had 100 companies at our back. Those companies who are working in collaboration with DoSelect are growing at the rate of 20 percent per week with almost no marketing budget.

The Bottom Line

By rising popularity and success meter, Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Angel investor from Mumbai said that they are very excited about investing in DoSelect. It is because the application is the best platform to find talent for the companies. DoSelect acts as a guide to HR people for analyzing which engineer to hire and which not.

Wishing Team DoSelect all the success and luck in their future endeavors.

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