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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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New Updates in Instagram creating new Opportunities for Marketers

Instagram started its journey as a photo-sharing application 11 years from now. Like any other platform, the channel has undergone several changes over the past decade. It has grown to be one of the most popular and successful social media channels. Instagram now has 1.4 billion monthly users, and it is found that 81% of them use it to research products and services. It was also found that 83% of Instagram users use this platform to find out new products and services.

It is therefore important for every business to be present on this channel to get noticed by the customers. Here are some of the tips to make the best use of the newest Instagram features. These will help you to enhance your communication strategy with your customers.

Let your Stores Go Viral with “Add Yours” Feature

Instagram introduced a new “Add Yours” feature or sticker. This helps the businesses to create a viral chain of content through Instagram stories generating new opportunities to drive engagement. The feature is the same as it sounds like. It allows the users to add new stories to a thread of content that is based on a specific topic shared by the creator.

Stickers can be designed for collaboration and can be used to find out like-minded people and businesses. These stickers are present in the IG stories, and a tap on them will reveal a list of people and businesses who have taken part in the chain. This will help you to connect with the people and businesses of your choice.

Gain Access to Instagram Story Link Stickers

Instagram announced the launch of its Story link stickers. The aim of this feature was to replace the “Swipe Up” feature. This is one of the best ways to create engagement for small business owners by linking their websites directly with their stories.

Collab is the Newest Engagement Strategy

This is another feature small businesses can use that allows the users to co-author the feed posts and reels. This is one of the best ways to explore and get in touch with untapped audiences. The collabs feature allows anyone to invite a small number of Instagram users to collaborate on a Post or a Reel. This makes the post or Reel appear in both their profiles.

This is one of the best ways in which the businesses, brands, and content creators will be able to share views, likes, and comments, allowing them to get in touch with each other’s audiences.

Instagram Posts can be made via Desktop

Instagram posts could only be done with the help of mobile applications earlier. However, recent updates are allowing users to make a post via desktop computers. Still, stories and reels cannot be shared by the desktop. This feature has made it easy for entrepreneurs, social media managers, and content creators to create visual assets and post them easily using their desktops.

Text-to-Speech have now Enhanced Instagram Reels

Tik Tok has a Siri like robotic voice that converts text into audio. The same feature is now available on Reels. In fact, it has two automated voices to choose from for its users. This feature is a great way for businesses and content creators to be creative with video storytelling features with audio. This feature focuses on brand personality, highlighting the product features and benefits. You can also add humour to the videos you create for your audiences.

Simplified Video Experience

The platform has been on its way to simplifying the video experience for several months. This has been achieved by merging the feed videos and IGTV into a single format. Instagram now makes a clear difference between the regular videos and reels to make the change very clear with its users by adding a new video tab replacing the old IGTV tab in the user’s profile.

Instagram Posts can drive traffic directly to Whatsapp and Sales

WhatsApp business accounts can be directly connected with Instagram by adding the WhatsApp business number to their contact information. This feature allows the brands to boost posts that drive the customers to message them directly on WhatsApp. Businesses can now reach more people through personalized messages. This feature was added when the Instagram developer realized that the businesses were using third-party tools to drive Instagram ads to the WhatsApp business accounts.

Awaited Feature             

The platform is currently making efforts in the ways in which users view stories. The stories are now shifted in a vertical format, similar to Tik Tok. At the present time, the users browse through the stories by tapping or swapping horizontally, which is a feature that Instagram adopted from Snapchat some time back.

So it is time to explore all the features and capabilities of Instagram and get your business on the line today. See what among them you can use to accelerate your marketing initiatives.


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