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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Why Should You Use Facebook Wi-Fi to Increase Social Engagement with Customers

Facebook has always been a safe haven for small businesses as it has provided endless possibilities to increase business. However, the new Facebook Wi-Fi feature improves opportunities substantially. The following article will educate you on how to use Facebook Wi-Fi for social and customer engagement.


Facebook Wi-Fi is a feature available to business pages that helps turn your enterprise into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is the best opportunity for you if you already provide your customers with free Wi-Fi. Prospects can connect to the Wi-Fi, and businesses share announcements and offers. Additionally, small businesses get valuable analytical insights about gender, age, and other demographic data.

Reasons to Use Facebook Wi-Fi for Social Engagement

  1. Put Your Brand Name First

Providing free Wi-Fi is a great way to increase customer footfall. Of course, it is always a good deal, and people are attracted to free stuff. However, when you start a Facebook Wi-Fi, it conveniently puts your brand name in front of a large number of prospects. It’s easy, fast, and one of the best ways to increase traffic to your business.

  1. Higher Engagement Rates for Your Business Page

When a customer connects to your Wi-Fi, they put up a check-in tag for your business on their Facebook page. As a result, you get access to more potential customers through their network and channels. Furthermore, the chances of generating more leads are amplified through the free advertising on the visitor’s pages. Additionally, the check-ins are also displayed on the customer’s news feeds, which are visible on your Facebook page and their friend’s too. Essentially, Facebook Wi-Fi is great for customer engagement and is free marketing. A win-win scenario for everybody.

  1. Higher Rates of Discovery Through Find Wi-Fi Feature

Find Wi-Fi is a nifty feature added to the Facebook interface. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and proves to be an excellent opportunity for small businesses to get exposure for their ads and products. Find Wi-Fi automatically detects any nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and their location.

As a result, it serves as a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page or to your physical store. The description provided on these Find Wi-Fi pages serves as your ad and the content and service of your business drive traffic.

  1. Safer and More Convenient

The greatest discouraging factor against the use of Facebook Wi-Fi is the question of safety. Of course, customers and businesses alike want their data to be secure and surf only on a safe and reliable ISP connection. Unfortunately, however, free Wi-Fi reeks of dubious, malignant intents.

Facebook Wi-Fi can successfully circumvent this issue as it uses a secure connection and advertises it extensively on its promotional campaigns. Visitors are not required to ask for a Wi-Fi password or share them. All they need to do is log in to their Facebook page and check in with your business. The location tracking feature will detect their location, tally it with yours and instantly generate a secure connection. Also, accepting cookies improve the security provided by the protocols.

  1. Higher Engagement on Other Channels

Facebook owns other social media channels as well such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Connecting your Facebook account with these channels will increase the chances of higher engagement and growth. Visitors to your Facebook Wi-Fi can then easily opt-in to connect with other channels as well.

Facebook Wi-Fi is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to give their marketing campaigns a boost with higher social and customer engagement. Understanding how to use Facebook Wi-Fi for social engagement is not a difficult process as Facebook has severely simplified the process.

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