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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review: Office Timeline

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Office Timeline helps to develop attractive project visuals to impress your audience and considered as the best project managment tool for small business. It helps to improve your planning and communication process. It’s clear, convincing, and easy to understand timelines that help you lay an un-forgetful impact on business prospects.  

Editions and Pricing

The product is available in two versions, Office Timeline Add-in and Office Timeline Online.

Office Timeline Add-In

Office Timeline Online

$99 for 1 year Pro license

$59 for 1 year Plus License

$59 for 1 year Plus license


Feature Highlights

  • The PowerPoint Add-In works on Windows.
  • The PowerPoint Online Tool works on Mac and Windows.
  • Collaboration
  • Project and Task Assignment
  • Show task milestones.
  • Timeline with hours and minutes
  • Drag and Drop updating feature
  • Automatic Updates

Capabilities and supporting set of Features


The first window which appears when a user makes an account with Office Timeline is the dashboard. It allows you to develop your first timeline with a number of options. For instance, you can use a template, import a timeline, or download as a slide. The left pane of the dashboard also allows you to choose options such as adding a new timeline, importing from an external source, accessing my timelines, and accessing timelines shred with me. You can also choose to create a timeline from scratch by clicking on the option given.

Creating New Timelines

The tool lets you create new timelines from scratch. This can be done by clicking on the “Timeline from Scratch” option from the “+ New” option from the left pane. The option will open a new window with lets you add a title, choose a task milestone shape and color, and add milestones.

Importing Data

You can import data into the Office Timeline tool to make timelines. This can be done by selecting the Import option from the left pane of the dashboard. Here you can import data from the project, or import it from the Excel. The window also gives you an overview of the recent imports that you have made in the section below.

Timelines Using Import Option

The primary aim of the tool is to create timelines for you. This can be done by simply uploading data from a project or from an excel sheet, as mentioned above. However, the excel sheet must contain appropriate details to develop a timeline such as a title, start date, end date, % of the task completed, and any additional note. This data is required to map the columns. Once all the mapping is done, the application creates a timeline automatically, as shown in the video.

Editing the Timeline

Once you have developed the timeline, it can be edited as per your need. You can add a title to your timeline, add a new item to it, and download it. You can also change the font style of the title, its color, and style by the options given on the right panel. You can also change the styles of the timeline by clicking on the “Change Style” option from the left panel. Timeline settings can also be changed by clicking on the “Timeline Settings” option on the left panel. The “Add New Item” option from the left panel lets you add a new Milestone or a task to the existing timeline.    


  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Wrike
  • Smart sheet

Mobile accessibility

The tool is a web application and does not operate on a mobile platform.

Market Competitors

  • Clarizen
  • NetSuite OpenAir


  • Online live chat
  • Help Centre

Pros and Cons


  • Reader-friendly timelines.
  • Simple user interface.


  • The tool hangs for a longer duration if it gets interrupted while processing.
  • No feature/option to create a grouped object on the slide.


  • Works integrated with MS PowerPoint and even useful in the case of extremely small projects.

For more details, please visit the Office Timeline website.

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